My name is Hiyasmine, a.k.a. ArtisticAfro, and I have been drawing since I was ten years old. Art is more than an escape from reality for me. It’s a way of expressing my views towards my environment and life in a surrealist, colorful way. I create art inspired from human interactions, the concept of the human persona, sexuality, and the beautiful spectrum of colors I see everywhere I go. In my 20 years on this lovely planet, I constantly question the social norm and transfer these questions and ideas to my canvas or sketchbook. I decided I wanted to become a visual artist when I was 16 and had learned about Jean Michel Basquiat. He taught me that art is more than what meets the eye and can give you a voice. This May, I am excited to be having my first art exhibition at the Chinatown Soup.








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awkward. college student. entrepreneur. womanist. radiant. lover of all things. growing, blossoming each moment.

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