Born with a creative mind and soul, melanin goddess, Janay Swann, is known for her colorful, defined portraits of Twitter stars and celebrities among various industries. Swann is currently planning to release a website for your artwork, as well as a potential clothing line for her fans and supporters.

“I honestly feel like the right side of my brain works more than my left. Ever since a baby, I’ve been creative and vibrant. I love art and fashion! I just want people to f with what I’m planning on putting out very soon. Basically to sum up “me”, I’m different.”

For Art Inquiries:
Twitter: @KillarySwank
Personal IG: @indigonay
Production IG: @indigosartistry
Starting price for art work is $10 and up!

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awkward. college student. entrepreneur. womanist. radiant. lover of all things. growing, blossoming each moment.

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