Hey world, meet 300 Rez. Yeah he’s a rapper, singer, and song writer, but there is also a lot more that 300 has to offer to the world with his 300lbs of swag. And as of lately the Florida native has been putting the right steps in motion this year towards becoming more than just a internet raping sensation meeting with labels and executives in both Atlanta, Georgia aka “Black Hollywood” and actual Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. But First before I go into detail about what this “jack of all trades” has in store for the future I feel as if I should give a brief history update on the 23 year old’s process getting to where he’s at now.


300 REZ has been rapping since he was a kid growing up in both St. Augustine then moving to Daytona Beach, FL around his late years of middle school. Since this move 300 REZ actually began to pursue more of a creative lane with free time ultimately leading to the start of his own clothing line in 2012 titled “Coolie.” After receiving a boat load of attention for his clothes via Twitter and Instagram, 300 began to embark on other forms of artistry such as modeling, photography, and of course rapping. With all this creativity being put out through pure fun and positivity 300 started to realize an overwhelming buzz coming from the attention that his music gave off. Some positive some negative but nun the less all attention is good attention which has allowed 300 REZ to focus mainly on the idea of being a rapper and turning it now into a real life reality.

Now that everyone’s all caught up on the rapper and his come up i recently had the opportunity to sit down with 300 and hold a conversation with him regarding his present and future plans not only towards his rap career but his clothing line as well. To start off the conversation I asked first if there was anything new going on with his team as a whole first before focusing on him as an individual. 300 REZ responded stating “I’m under new management and due to the change in management we as a team have decided to start everything fresh. With all that being said my first album with DK GUWOP titled “300lbs of Guwop” will be remastered and re-released soon with an additional 3 new tracks added as well.” 300 went on to explain that his remastered debut album will be available on all streaming platforms as early as this May. 300’s recently released single via SoundCloud titled “Private Dancer” inspired by his recent trip to Atlanta has made waves on the internet and seems to be his latest big track. When asked on his opinion regarding the single along with the comparison to his biggest solo single to date titled “Nervous” he simply responded, “I didn’t plan on dropping Private Dancer this early but I knew it was a hit unlike Nervous because the success of Nervous caught me completely off guard.”

With all this time going by and his name getting bigger I assumed 300 REZ’s level of improvement had to rise as well. Ironically I assumed correctly as he went to his explain that his biggest level of improvement was mainly focused on the business aspect of life along with his career. “Taking the trip to Hollywood taught me the business aspect of the industry. I learned and harnessed more of the behind the scenes activity along with learning how to make money within it.” Along with this conversation on improvement he also mentioned his improvement on his own flow stating that now he just likes to really have fun with it that way the product of music he releases can be pure as well as fun.

Reverting to the conversation I decided to focus on his clothing line and his future within it especially after his recent success of his last “Seeking Revenge” Coolie Collection campaign witch was released in late 2016. “To be honest, nothing is guaranteed at this point but we do plan on releasing a new Coolie collection line this summer. As for other stuff such as visuals I can’t help but feel like I fell off a bit after putting majority of my focus into my rap career as of lately and it’s hard to multitask to two but I will never neglect either one I just have to conquer both one at a time.”

300 REZ and his team seem to be focused going into the summer of 2017 as he plans on blowing up into the spot light on both the music and fashion scene. Be sure to follow 300 REZ on Twitter and Instagram @300REZ and look forward to new music being released from him in the very near future.

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