Samuel Chavez is an eye catching artist from Ventura, California.

He started at seven-years-old. He began by painting landscapes from the art starter kits his uncle and dad would get for him.

“I remember getting these starter kits really often since I would run through these very quickly.”

After the first Spider-Man movie came out with Tobey Maguire, Sam became obsessed with drawing and painting  figures of Spider-Man. He was really obsessed, he had whole notebooks filled with drawings.

“From there it progressed and it’s become a part of my life ever since.”

“My work is a combination of a lot of things, mostly its a mix between of street art and fine art.”

Sam tries to collaborate these together to appeal to the younger generation, since his goal is to keep art fun and have a timeless feel to it.

His inspiration came/comes from his dad, him seeing the first paintings he did from the starter kits.

” I remember him teaching me how to paint the trees and after we would watch Bob Ross, till this day I still do and has become a big part of my inspiration.”

Another source of his inspiration comes from music, he started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. His dad always had rock blasting in the car every time he picked Sam up from school.

“I remember specifically noticing how the different effects that bands such as Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Nirvana, etc. used on their guitars. The first time I used a guitar I tried to mimic the intro to Come as you are by Nirvana and since then i became hooked.

“I want to give a shout out to Xavier Wulf, Bones, Eddy Baker, Chris Travis and Lil Peep because they’re the ones who keep me inspired while I’m painting. Shout out Lucy Ford for giving me the chance to showcase my first professional show.”

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