For Columbus rapper, *wanobiflamez, music wasn’t always his true passion. Before he started producing music 10 years ago, and laying bars over uniquely mastered beats, flamez had plans of becoming a professional boxer. It wasn’t until middle school, where he began to get into poetry, which eventually blossomed into his desire to attend Kennesaw State University to become a more fluent writer and lyricist. In tracks such as WAVECAPS, a collaboration with fellow musician TetsuoHVZE, you can get a glimpse at flamez’ effortless delivery over his self-produced beat. In the upcoming weeks, *wanobiflamez plans to release his first rap tape titled, “Episode III,” but in 2017, flamez has major plans and intentions for himself and his career.

Q: Thanks for wanting to be a part of Freelancer Magazine, we really appreciate it. So, for those who may not know you, how would you address yourself to the audience? 

A: *wanobi, aka *wanobiflamez, or Nobi for short when I rap. I don’t take Twitter Prophets seriously. Currently in the process of getting the waves coasting back in my head. Other known aliases are The Takashi MC, OG Hoodie Master, and Stubborn Dog. Religiously bump Lil B when its Laundry Day. Edd, Ed, n Eddy and 80’s Kung-Fu Film Enthusiast. I think that’s it. 


Q: What is the meaning behind your stage name ‘Wanobi Flamez’? 

A: Its Obi-Wan backwards, inspired by the character Obi-Wan Kenobi in the “Star Wars” Franchise; I added the “flamez” because there was this guy on SoundCloud who went by wanobi as well, so I added an asterisk in front of it if I’m called that (*wanobi) for short.  


Q: How long has music been a part of your life? 

A: For as long as I could speak. Both of my parents both had their own preferences in music which rubbed off as I grew up; when I was with my dad he’d bump Bone Thugs and Sáde if he wasn’t cutting hair. Moms would blast Brian McKnight and Tamia around the house when we were cleaning up, but she had some Yeezy and T.I. that I burned onto my Xbox and played through the night when going to sleep. Let’s not forget when the Madden and NBA Live soundtracks were fire, too. 


Q: Did you know that you always wanted to do music? 

A: I wanted to be a professional boxer; Muhammad Ali had the bars and the hands, which led me to believe I could follow suit. I got into poetry in middle school, so I figured I’d enroll at KSU (Kennesaw State University) to learn how to write more fluent. Realized I can cause more ruckus with my pen rather than my fists. 


Q: When did you decide you wanted to take music seriously. 

A: One of the closer homies [RNBTReezyLG] suggested I should go for it after I would play him back stuff during hotbox sessions back at Bethune-Cookman. I don’t prefer to rap that much these days since I found fascination in hearing other people’s voices on my beats; their perspectives help bring the track out more. 


Q: Where do you currently reside? 

A: I call the neighborhood of Farrwood Cove home; it’s located on the south side of Columbus, GA. Not many folks I’ve met didnt know there was a Columbus in Georgia to begin with, but I didn’t intend on claiming I was from Atlanta because false-claiming is dusty. 


Q: What are some of your best accomplishments from 2016 and how do you plan to make 2017 better? 

A: Finally getting used to how my voice sounds under the mic and growing facial hair; that baby face look isn’t for me, ya know? I was able get some other material recorded with other rappers I knew, as well as getting to meet their homies. The goal has always been to progress without forcing shit, and that’s one of the few things I can say is the sort of the motto this year. 


Q: What can you tell us about the tracks inside of your Convenient Essentials collection? 

A: Simply showing what some would think I lack in raps I can make up for with ease beat-wise. “Loosie Uke” was made from scratch last Fall after fucking around with the homie’s [Genius Troy] Ukulele. “Goat eating Cactus” was actually a full-blown song at one point, but decided to scrap the vocals and let the beat ride out. As for “Darian Alfred Demos”; that track specifically is a part of this monthly series I want to get going. I went digging through my YouTube suggestions for samples that would transition smooth without fucking up; I didn’t want to bounce them out separately because I’m a tad bit lazy. Expect more like that in the future. 


Q: I thought Wavecaps was an interesting song, what’s the background on that track?

A: (Lol) it’s actually a duo that consists of myself and the homie, TetsuoHVZE. The songs we do together are made off-rip— or going off of each other’s feel for tracks, if that makes sense. He’s one of the best rappers I know, and I try to bring the best out of him musically whether it be for a short melody or going full-prophet on a beat he picks out. As far as concept [in reference to “Daaaaaylite”] I would say just a self-relflection with a slight groove. My goal was to simply paint a perspective of my view of things under the influence without having to cut myself short of lyrics. One of my Top 5 Dead or Alive is Curren$y, and his natural skill to drop his best bars while smacked I feel is rare. 


Q: How long have you been producing? 

A: I want to say almost 10 years?? I was a rapper to begin with; me and my cousins would sit around my cell phone free styling and shit. I only got into producing because I grew tired of rapping over cheesy instrumental remakes. Freshman Year of high school there was this Android App that allowed me to make beats from my phone, and I stuck with that until my moms got me a laptop which happened to include a free installation of Sony ACID Music Studio. From that point, sequencing triplets and sampling became less hectic. I can say Drumline Class also attributed in my efforts of becoming a full-blown musician, and I ain’t even know how play leads and bass lines back then. Shouts out to Antone Leustek. 


Q: Do you produce all of your music? 

A: Hecks yeah, that shit is fun. Helps me push for more sounds to chop instead of just sticking with one. There are some producers I’d be down to chop it up with if the opportunity pops up. I’m not about to sit and hope it happens, so I’ll work the boards myself until I can afford that luxury. 


Q: What is your favorite piece of equipment to use? 

A: Couldn’t tell you. Sometimes chopping samples on the Mikro makes me overthink, so that alone helps me develop patience. Honestly still learning how to use it. I got this keyboard I found in my Aunt April’s garage when, and I’ve made a handful of tunes that sound entirely different from what I chop. Can’t wait ’til I put two and two together flawlessly. 


Q: What was/is the most challenging part about producing? 

A: Naming the beats; I’m very outlandish with them, not gonna front. My favorites so far are “Go-Go Magnum Hitchcock”, “JAMESGONEATHER”, and “Slap Yo Naps via Wave Kit Flow”. Couldn’t be more proud of myself. Plus I never know where to drop my producer tags, yo. It makes me sad because I’m tryna make sure they already “kno who it is”. 


Q: What was the process in the creation of this EP? 

A: Every now and then, I put together a short tape of instrumentals that transition well; I’ll bump it a few days in the whip until I feel confident about uploading it everywhere. Simple shit, simple shit. 


Q: How would you describe the music that you make? 

A: Couldn’t tell you, to be honest. I go out of my way consistently challenging myself to raise the bar while having as much fun as possible. I’m driven to become a fucking surgeon on the boards than be “lyrical”. I’m not fucking around when saying I rap as nice as I make beats, though. The songs write themselves. Waiting for the day someone tries to press me about my penmanship. 


Q: What goals do you hope to achieve in 2017? What are some things you want to accomplish/do in 2017? 

A: Body some songs if I’m approached for a feature; try to get some tracks recorded with Mach-Hommy or Curren$y, but shit takes time. I’m ducked off and always sleep if I’m not studying or hearing back stuff made from the night before. I’m tryna slow down on the maryjuwanas and spend free time doing yoga or bike riding, gotta stay healthy and prosper. Might quit in its entirety, kind of a toss up at the moment. Find a manager and a PR whenever 


Q: Will you be dropping any mixtapes/albums in 2017? 

A: My first rap tape, “EPISODE III” should be coming out in a week or so. I want to call it a weed tape because I know people will label it as so when it drops. The track names kind of give it that vibe. I’m only 21, so I have time grow into my voice as well as subject matter. I plan on dropping short beat tapes every other month afterwards. Working on getting the tracks together for the homie Tetsuo’s tape, and I’m committed to getting that completed. Check out my other tunes, too. 

Q: If you could describe the future of your music in one word, how would you describe it? 

A: deliveRAP$


Q: Is there anything you would like your supporters to know? 

A: Help ya boy find a manager and PR. If you fucks with the tape and actually buy it, I’ll send off a CD with hidden tracks not on the downloadable version. Unfrosted Pop-Tarts are slept-on, and always keep papers when the paper is low. 


Q: What advice would you give to those who are rising in the music industry as well? 


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