The fashion trend never settles. There’s always a movement of fashion and an aggressive demand for the next big thing. There’s a dire need for a new blueprint of clothing and an even higher demand for designers that will channel that aggression, as Courtney Thomas so pleasantly has done for her clients.

Thomas interest in fashion started at the young age of 13. Under the direction of her aunt, she learned to sew and began designing purses. Thomas has recently started her own clothing line CoaureoShe is also the fashion designer and owner of Exquisite Intentions where she custom designs clothing per clients request.

The challenging profession of design accommodates those that dare to dress different and allow designers to bring those visions to life. Prom season ushers a variety of visions and this year would be no exception for Thomas. Her ability to transform her clients’ dream dress into reality set the bar for many on prom night.





“I love seeing each client’s reaction to the finished garment. It keeps me inspired knowing that the service I provide is a major key in another person’s memory,” Thomas said, “My clients aspire me by having faith and trusting me to bring their vision to life as well as pushing me to challenge my skill set.”


As prom season comes to an end, Thomas puts the finishing touches on her last custom dresses. The demand for her custom designs has increased. New seasons bring forth new fashion trends and she’s ready.







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