Independence, humility, and ambition are three words I would use to describe Chicago native Davo Hardy. As someone who has been surrounded by the Chi-Town music realm his entire life, Hardy aspires to be an independent success. 


Q: As someone who’s from Chicago, there is a great deal of talent that lies in the city. Do you have any local or major artist inspirations that you look up to when it comes to music?

A: My main inspirations have been my pears. I’ve seen people like Chance the Rapper come from a background parallel to mine, to be a mainstream and independent success. In addition to him, I know people from high school that rap that I am proud of and want to be in the music scene with. 


Q: What are some of the challenges that come with being in the Chicago music scene? I know it can be intimidating sometimes when you are constantly surrounded by different talents and backgrounds.

A: The only true challenge that I see is that I won’t be able to work with everyone that I admire. As you said, there’s a lot of different artist backgrounds. I basically listen to everyone from Lil Herb to Mick Jenkins. I have to be content with not being able to work with everyone. 


Q: What ritualistic, or traditional, process do you have for creating music?

A: I like to have an idea for every aspect of the song before I record. That includes where ad-libs will be located, what the cover art will look like, and where I want the tags to be. I simply plan out the song from beginning to end. 


Q: When creating music, who do you usually work with?

A: I tend to record with my friends. I have a friend, Zach, who raps as well. My instrumentals have come from my friends Justyn and Abdul, all people I have known before making music myself. 


Q: Do you and your team have any plans of producing projects soon, or do you have any that you’re currently working on?

A: Yes, I plan on releasing singles until March. I plan to release a mixtape with some notable names featuring such as, and producing it. 


Q: Do you plan on having any shows in Chicago soon?

A: I have a show happening next month. After that appearance, I plan on having at least 10 more shows over the summer, in addition to the mixtape in May. I plan to release a couple EPs over the summer and hopefully another tape in the fall. 


Q: Are you excited for your show next month? What do you anticipate this show will be like?

A: I plan on the show being a fun, entertaining experience. My friends and I are going to be performing under the name of our collective, “No Neighbors.” Our plan is to rent out a venue and host the event ourselves. 


Q: How did you guys come up with “No Neighbors” as the name of your collective?

A: When we were talking about finding a venue for the show next month, we said that we needed to find a location with no neighbors, hence the name! 


Q: Above all else, what is your ultimate goal for yourself, your group, your music, and your career?

A: My ultimate goal is to progress and grow with my music and hopefully reach the ears of millions throughout the world. I want to make art that my peers love, my fans love, and above all else what I love. 


With such a productive year ahead, there is no doubt Davo Hardy will reach ears and minds around the country.


“I would like my supporters to know that I am doing this for them. I will always have you guys on my mind.”

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