“The lifestyle we living is what makes us fresh.”

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Enticed by the rousing world of fashion, 21-year-old Deslyn Pierrot and 22-year-old Christopher Salako are two young designers itching to inspire the youth through their clothing line Jules Boys Club. Fueled by their fresh lifestyles, the culture and music, the two creative masterminds have a desirable passion for expressing themselves visually through designing.

As far as fashion goes I love it so much I have such a passion for it because it is all about freedom of expression. I was always interested in getting my vision out there, designing and showing what I can do. -Deslyn 

I drew a lot of inspiration from the lifestyle i had and also what i was interested in i.e culture, my friends, & music. -Chris 

Jules Boys Club stems from the French dialect with ‘Jules’ meaning youthful. A member of the Jules Boys Club is one who is fearless and not afraid to express themselves through their way of dress. One can truly express their fearlessness in one of their many conversational pieces. Once a member you become apart of the creative process as well as the lifestyle.

So far Deslyn and Chris’s journey has been nothing short of amazing. Check out our extended interview below as they discuss what inspired their startup,

Q: Why fashion? What inspired the two of you to create your own clothing line?

Deslyn: I was young, always had my own sense of style & sense of what I wanted to do. I couldn’t leave fashion alone. I remember screen printing my own t-shirts because I didn’t like too many of the shirts that were coming out. I learned how to sew and then from there I started making my own clothes, hemming all of my pants, creating new shirts and other things. I really started to take it seriously about a year ago and now I’m here. But as far as fashion goes, I love it so much I have such a passion for it because it is all about freedom of expression. I was always interested in getting my vision out there, designing and showing what I can do.

Chris: Umm. It was a lot of different things that came together for me. I drew a lot of inspiration from the lifestyle I had and also what I was interested in i.e culture, my friends, & music. To be honest like Des I always had my own sense of style. I used to be in school just to show off my fits haha but Des really pushed me man that’s my brother. He said to me that I have a good eye for this, and it would be a waste if I didn’t put it to use. He also told me to work with him because he knew we could kill it.  

Deslyn & Chris: “The lifestyle we living is what makes us fresh.” 

Q: So, tell me a little bit about your line “Jules Boys Club” How did you come up with the name?

Deslyn & Chris: We actually were so focused on getting the work done we didn’t come up w/ a name until about a week before our first collection dropped, but the word jules in french means youthful, we aspire to inspire. Being young in spirit we wanna inspire those who support us to be fearless and never be afraid to express yourself. Fashion is all about expression & you should never be afraid to show who you are. You as a Jules Club member are just as apart of the process as we are because we are inspired by all the members of the Jules Club.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your latest piece, the “Jules Sweats?”

Deslyn & Chris: The embroidery on the leg in french translates to “you do not know me, I am not from here” the inspiration for this is to promote the idea that you evolve as a person. When your energy changes, you are a new person, as you move on from past things and old habits. You transition as a human being into a new scenery. So how can someone say that they know you when you’ve changed so much, you’ve gained a new understanding. The change can be so slight for example; a change in mindset. We just wanted to drop something fresh as a mini collection before we come out with the spring pieces. 

Q: When designing your pieces, do you follow a certain aesthetic or do you just go with the flow and create whatever comes to mind?

Deslyn & Chris: The creative process is something we do spend a lot of time on because there’s no reason for us to drop anything wack or corny. Most of the time we just talk over ideas and see what we like the best. Everything is so organic, we just communicate concepts & ideas to each other. We aren’t afraid to be brutally honest with each other because it’s necessary to have that, it creates cohesion. The fun part is when we go fabric hunting, we are in the fabric store for 3-4 hours at a time. What’s really crazy is the time goes by so fast we don’t even know. 

Q: How has your work evolved since you began designing?

Deslyn & Chris: It’s funny that you ask us now, because we look back on our first collection and we’d prolly tell you we don’t care for it much. 

Deslyn: It definitely went up drastically because as time goes on things change, situations change and so does your mindset, your motivation, then it all comes together. So we tried our best to put it all together, we had to try and fail understanding that nothing worth having comes easy. We created more cohesiveness and more of an aesthetic with the latest fall collection we dropped compared to the first one. 

Chris: I can personally say seeing the growth firsthand, we came a long way. With that being said we can only go up from here. Like Des said a lot of things tend to change, he mentioned motivation changes because we always want better for ourselves and the club. Our inspiration just changed and kept growing, our members deserve that from us. Nothing less than the best, they have to see that we are putting our all into it. 

Q: How would you describe your creative process? 

Deslyn & Chris: We are honestly inspired by those around us, we draw inspiration from things around us then we discuss it. During most of the summer, we’d literally just go out explore and talk about any ideas we had. It’s just as important as putting the work in. We also understood that we had to live life, we tried not to do the same thing everyday but we made a habit of creating on the go. It was all organic, we pride ourselves on being able to vibe with each other criticisms and all. 

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

Deslyn: Hard to say, I just know it’s me. I would guess I’m an in-betweener if that makes any sense haha. but I would be in the middle of high end & streetwear because I do love both, but I’d be leaning more towards high end. It depends on what type of mood I’m in, sometimes I’m in my vans other days I’m in my jays. If the feeling is right I could be in my boots or my rick’s ha…but I just love my style and I know how to put things together, I still haven’t reached my personal style goal but that comes with time. 

Chris: Hmm…realistically I just like what I like, similar to Des how I dress depends on my mood but I usually dress from my sneakers up haha. I have so many combinations in my head I probably don’t wear any of them I literally just grab anything and make it work. but I do have a high appreciation for street wear and high end. 

Q: Who is the ideal Jules Boys Club customer?

Deslyn & Chris: We support anyone who supports us. As long as you love Jules, Jules loves you. You’re a member for life, anyone who enjoys the freedom of expression & likes to get jiggy with the outfits, Jules is for you. Let your personal style & eclectic personality speak for you.

Q: What advice would you give to young designers aspiring to accomplish and move in the same direction as you?

Deslyn & Chris: Be prepared to fail. But don’t prepare to feel discouraged, things aren’t always gonna work out in your favor but obstacles are there to make you grow as an individual. 

Q: What’s next for Deslyn and Chris?

Deslyn: A whole lot of progression, let me just say that. We came a long way but we got an even longer way to go.

Chris: Agreed, educating ourselves and remaining humble, because this is all a blessing.

Deslyn & Chris: My brother & I are gonna keep working that’s for sure. The Jules Boys are gonna keep it up no letting up haha. 

Q: What can we expect next from Jules Boys Club?

Deslyn & Chris: Expect some fire for sure. We moving different this spring, so expect something new from us! We wanna show you all something a lil outside of what you’re used to seeing from us. The spring collection is coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

Q: How can the audience keep up with the both of you and Jules Boys Club?

Instagram: @deslyn_ & @chrissyspacely and also follow the Jules page @julesboysclub
Website: https://www.julesclub.com/

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