From featuring in three fashion shows to surpassing her goal of doing 10 photoshoots to graduating from FAMU this past fall, Tallahassee native, Diamond Rollins is trailblazing her way to a successful career. Modeling and acting has always been a passion of Rollins, ever since she came out the womb. When Rollins was younger, she had watched the first episode of Tyra Banks’ hit show, America’s Next Top Model, and she instantly KNEW that she wanted to partake in modeling. As far as acting? Rollins states that she was born theatrical, always dramatic and expressive in her character. Though modeling has always been a passion of Rollins’, she did not get her start until the Summer of 2017. Nevertheless, Diamond Rollins wasted absolutely no time when it comes to her accomplishments. Perhaps her greatest accomplishment would be her creative direction and participation in a Teen Vogue Back To School event, where Rollins was featured in the issue! One can only expect MAJOR moves to come from this young woman in 2018. Stay tuned for this amazing feature from Ms. Diamond Rollins, the model/actress on the rise and a true HERstory in the Making.

Q: Where are you from/Where do you currently reside?

A: I am from Tallahassee, Florida


What is your current occupation?

A: I actually just graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University so the next step is finding a job and moving.


Q: How long have you known that you wanted to model and act?

A: For modeling I feel like Ive known since I watched the First episode of Americas Next Top Model (I was so mesmerized and I knew I wanted to take pictures just like the girls did). As for acting Im pretty sure I came out the womb theatrical; Ive always been a dramatic and expressive soul and the more Drama classes I took and then changing my minor to Theatre in college, it became more evident that I definitely should be acting.


Q: If you could describe your personality in three words, what would they be?  

A: Unique, Expressive and Caring!


Q: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

A: I would definitely tell my younger self to be more confident in who I am, and don’t let myself get in the way of my blessings.


Q: When you’re in front of the camera, or on the runway,  how do you keep your energy and confidence alive?  

A: I know this may sound silly but I actually day dream about the model I want to be while Im in front of the camera. Every time Im posing I imagine myself being on a billboard or a major campaign and that always keep me fueled and full of life.


Q: Do you ever have any moments where you feel awkward or not sure what to do, when it comes to photoshoots?

A: I used to feel that way all the time, but practice really makes perfect! The more you practice in the mirror and practice posing and facials in front of the camera, the awkwardness decreases and your confidence increases.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring models?

A: I would definitely say not to compare yourself to other models because that will only slow you down. You must define yourself and what you can bring to the table and what makes YOU a unique model.


Q: When did your modeling career begin?

A: Im am still getting into it honestly but I started taking modeling seriously this summer as I began to build my portfolio.


Q: What type(s) of modeling do you do?

A: I do print and runway modeling.


Q: What is one of the best photoshoots you have done?

A: The best photoshoot Ive done was for Swatch magazine, it was really fun, and it was my first shoot for a magazine.


Q: You’ve done 20 photoshoots this year, that’s amazing! Can you tell us how you feel about accomplishing something so great?

A: Whew! its crazy because I gave myself the goal of 10 photoshoots for the year and just knowing Ive done 20+ is pretty amazing! I am very proud of myself and I just want to keep reaching for past the stars into the galaxy.


Q: What magazines have you been featured in?

A: I have been featured in 5 magazines this year; Swatch Magazine at Florida State University for their Spring and also their Fall Issue. Clutch Magazine which is also at Florida State University and Journey Magazine at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (my college WOOT WOOT). Last and certainly not least I was featured in Teen Vogue Magazine for a Back to School event we did a collaboration on.


Q: Tell us about your experience with being featured in Teen Vogue? What was that like for you?

A: Before the feature I was selected to put together a Teen Vogue Back to School event and it was in collaboration with Aeropostale, Asos, Hydro Shick, Curvee and Pure Silk Shave. Planning the event was definitely A lot of hard work but never the less an amazing experience and one I would do all over again! When I found out that I was featured in the last print issue for Teen Vogue I literally screamed and ran all over the house, it certainly a moment I will never forget.


Q: Tell us about the fashion shows that you have been featured in?

A: I have been in three Fashion Shows this year. The first was called Overdosewhich was a Fashion Show my modeling troupe put together. The second was called United We Lovewhich featured girls and women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity to model for three amazing boutiques. The shoe I was in was called A Creators Wonderlandwhich was comprised of amazing designers from all over for an artistic fashion show.


Q: How would you describe your 2017 in three words?

A: I would say it was adventurous, prosperous and door opening.


Q: Where do you see your modeling/acting career in the next 5-10 years?

A: In 5-10 years I definitely hope to be established in my brand. I plan on owning my own boutique and skin care line so with modeling and doing commercials I feel as though that will help with networking and diving further into the fashion world.


Q: What is your overall goal/purpose for your life?

A: My goal is to truly obtain peace and succeed in my destiny


Q: What can we expect from you in 2018?

A: Everyone can definitely expect some really great projects and BIG moves coming in 2018 😉 stay tuned my friends


Here are some fun questions we asked Diamond! 


Star Sign: Sagittarius (Gang Ganggg)

Whats important to you? Having a relationship with God

Favorite Song? My favorite song at the moment is What Lovers Doby Maroon 5 ft Sza

What scares you most? I try not to be fearful of things but I will say I really dont like spiders

Whats a skill you wish you possessed?  I really wish I knew how to draw, like a freaking amazing artist

Whats your secret obsession?  I pretty sure its safe to say that this may be half the worlds obsession but its totally Starbucks coffee

Favorite books?  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

Best fashion moment? I would say it was for my schools homecoming, I had the most simple all black outfit yet by piecing it with a few brown accessories everything just came together so amazingly

Favorite Word? I don’t think I have a favorite words BUT my favorite phrase is I don’t have to live my life like this!

What pisses you off? When a man thinks it is okay to abuse a woman

Favorite Brand?  My favorite brand is Pacsun

What fictional character do you relate to the most? Honestly any princess cartoon character (people say my voice sounds like a magical princess)

What celebrity do you have a crush on? BadGalRiRi for sure (aka Rihanna)

What inspires you most? When I see people going after their dreams and prospering in the best way possible!


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