Meet up-and-coming YouTube style sensation, Kathryn Lewis, and check out her hottest looks of 2016.

YouTube has become a regularly visited website and app since its launch in 2005. It has become a platform for individuals across the globe to share ideas, thoughts, tutorials, and more.

Kathryn Lewis is a 19-year-old broadcast journalism student from Tallahassee, FL who has started using YouTube as a platform for all things style, fashion, and makeup.

Lewis’ up-and-coming YouTube channel, “The Fashion Kat,” is a destination for all people who are searching for style and inspiration and insight on the latest trends of the season.

“I wanted to create a channel that reflects who I am and what I love most, which is fashion.” said Lewis. “At first I was going to create a blog, but I think having my own series works for me. I love to personally engage with my viewers and really let my personality shine throughout my videos.”

Although Lewis faces the hardships of balancing her time between school and her channel, she overcomes all obstacles that come her way with tenacity and exceptional style. She also handles negativity in a way performer Beyonce would.

“This fall semester has been a lot more challenging than I anticipated, but next semester, I’ll have a more routine schedule for posting videos” said Lewis. “It’s very rare that I experience negativity from haters, but when I do, ‘I twirl on my haters’ as Queen Bey would say.”

With red carpet reviews, look books, and more posted on her channel, Lewis gives viewers a taste of her knowledge on style and the fashion industry, and showcases her chic style.

“I would describe my style as chic. To me, being chic means that your style is inimitable,” said the fashionista. “It means you can rock anything, whether it’s designer or not, and wear it with confidence.

U.K. YouTuber Patricia Bright serves as Lewis’ main source of inspiration for starting her channel. “She is always wearing pieces that I would totally wear and make my own,” said Lewis.

As for the fall and winter seasons, Lewis claims that thigh-high boots are a must have for all ladies. “They go with every outfit and they’re so stylish. Very trendy this season,” said the upcoming YouTube star.

If you haven’t checked out “The Fashion Kat,” then what are you waiting for? To keep up with Kathryn, head to her YouTube channel Kathryn Lewis and follow her on social media @KatMarLew. She served some hot looks this year. Check out some of my favorite looks below:


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