FFK stands for FUCK FUCK KLAN. They are a lively group of friends from Partyland, USA…but currently residing in Richmond, Virginia. They make loud t-shirts and sell them out the trunk. They also take part in music, videos, visual artistry, graphics, vandalism and scaring old people.

The leader of this group is Shawn Bleezy aka YOUNGGUCCIBURR.

“Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it can’t cover up the fucked reality of laws and government we are forced to abide by. Am I aloud to curse? The name of my freakin company is FUCK FUCK KLAN.”


This group of collectively artistic friends all happen to be infuriated with the world and how it is today. Basically, it’s a group of misfits/vandals/street folk. They just want to express their inner demons that are suppressed on them from society.

“Our art is not intended for shock value. It’s just a combination of an expression on how we’re feeling inside and the fun of coming up with something truly sick & demented.”

FUCK FUCK KLAN started when Shawn was in high school with one of his friends Prestoniian. They came up with this crazed idea that turned into a Facebook group where everyone would rant about whatever made them upset. From there, they turned it into clothing and entertainment.

“My end goal for all of this is to have a large enough cult following to construct the Church of FUCK FUCK KLAN and perform Haunted Trap shows and have free Kool-Aid.”

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Creating can be very difficult at times for Shawn, but everyone has their ways with dealing with a dry mind.

 “Some of the ways I get my ideas is from being in a hypnotic haze blunted up in a dark room robotripping to old SpaceGhostPurp.”

Shawn looks up to a substantial amount of people, including; Ol Dirty Bastard, Antwuan Dixon, 90’s Redman, Triple 6 Mafia, Kool Aid Man, Dave Chappelle, Steve Brule, Alan Watts, Rubenslikk, and lastly, his friends.

“FUCK FUCK KLAN js, is an INTERGALACTIC PSYCHEDELIC ART CULT that goes as far off the astral plane to the end of the gucci matrix.”

Even though they disagree with the world and with the way things in our society go, their clothes and art make us realize that even hate can bring beauty.

 “I’m a little sick in the head. Thank you for the interview, ohh and FUCK OPRAH.”

Side Note: This article/interview has been one of my most exciting ones so far, I learned a lot about FFK and will be investing in a shirt very soon.
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