Native to Fort Washington, Maryland, Matthew Samson is a talented photographer and videographer. For five years Samson has been carrying out his passion of capturing photos that express/inspire what is visually appealing to him. Paying homage to his parents, bros, and a close knit family called Lounge, Samson looks to these individuals as an inspiration for his craft.

Q: What is your full name and where are you from? 

A: Matthew Samson – I’m from Fort Washington, MD (parents from Philippines)


Q: How long have you been doing photography?

A:  I’ve been doing photography for a while now, about 5 years. I started/got my first camera around 8th grade. *I also started doing videography recently which is what my main focus is on at the moment. 


Q: What inspired you to want to do photography? 

A: What inspired me to do photography/videography was that I got to capture images that helped express/inspire things that appealed to me. It helped me capture moments that I could revisit and also helps me inspire others to appreciate the little moments in life. 


Q: What is one of the best shoots you have ever done? 

A: One of the best shoots I’ve done is for a cover art of a song called “Never Fold” for my bros. On the day that this cover art was shot, We also recorded/produced/shot multiple songs and shoots which made it one of our most productive days. The shoot was very fun and impromptu. The song can be found here: 



Q: Who do you hope to shoot one day? What event do you plan to shoot one day?  

A: One day I hope to shoot with Chance The Rapper or Childish Gambino. I feel as though they have very creative minds which help relate to my videography skills as well. I plan to show a concert of some sort one day such as Coachella. 


Q: What is some ultimate goals for yourself and your career? 

A: My ultimate goal for myself and career is to simply inspire others. I like the feeling of making people feel a certain type of way depending on the mood that I create in my videos and pictures – which is usually a nostalgic type of vibe/mood. *I want to inspire others to create and to push forward to make it big in life. 


Q: Who are your inspirations? 

A: My inspirations are definitely my bros. I have a collective of artists and such in which we all have talents that we feel is very unique compared to others. These people are my inspirations as we all plan on making it big and there is nothing that is stopping us. My other inspirations in life are also a group of people called Lounge. I am glad to call these people my family and this is mainly who I do it for other than my parents to make everyone proud. Shoutout Gazebo. Shoutout Blossoms. Shoutout Lounge. 


Q: Do you have a specific lens you use for your shoots? 

A: I use a 50mm lens, the standard kit lens, and a 75-300mm lens for my T3i. It varies depending on the shoot. 


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Q: How would you define the style of your shoots?

A:  I would define the style of my shoots as very simple/clean. I like to go for a nostalgic/realistic vibe that makes it seem as though these shots were seen by their own eyes or in a movie. 


Q: Are you currently working on any projects?

A:  I am currently working on a music video called “Juice” (trailer coming soon) – and I am currently working on creating a short film concept with my collective for the near future.


Q: When you edit your photos, what style do you go for? 

A: Clean/Simple/Smooth – Not too much – I focus on toning and subjects


Q: When is comes to the confidence of the models, or the people you shoot for, how do you get them to do exactly what you want? What steps do you take to ensure the photoshoot turns out how you envisioned it? 

A: I don’t. I like to make my models comfortable. I tend to see that when telling models how to pose and such, it makes them uncomfortable and awkward as they aren’t usually used to it. I usually go on an average move/shoot with my models and take candid shots of my models, which usually makes them more comfortable towards the end. For professional shoots, I only shoot with professional models that are used to being told how to pose and such. My shoots almost always turn out great as I don’t keep my expectations too high for them because there is always room for new ideas and improvement. 


Q: What would you like the readers to know? 

A: I want the readers to know that me along with my brothers are going to blow up this year and were going to make everyone proud once we make it. 


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