Atlanta-based visual artist, George Hudson IV, is the true definition of a driven individual. When he’s not delivering beautifully crafted visual projects, Hudson has his hand in a little bit of everything. He does graphic design, which he has previously done work for the likes of Young Nudy and Slaughter Gang, crafts music/Greek videos, plays snare drum for Bethune-Cookman University, formerly rapped/produced his own music, and currently is in a dance troupe known as WNDC (What’s Next Dance Company). Humbly, Hudson’s goal, aside from being infamous for his work, is to give his parents a better home, travel, have a financially liberating lifestyle, and settle down with a family in his hometown of Atlanta. With the future George has built for himself, there is nothing but success and happiness down his path. 

Q: What is your full name and where are you from? 

A: George Hudson IV (the fourth) and I am from Atlanta, Ga 

Q: How long have you been doing photography? 

A: I have been doing photography for 5 going on 6 years now

Q: What inspired you to want to do photography? 

A: Being able to capture moments and bring them to life in my own vision

Q: What is one of the best shoots you have ever done? 

A: One of the best shoots I’ve done was actually this year in February , I shot with a colleague who had been wanting to shoot forever so I made it happen and the shoot was a big success . We shot at a park right by my school and turned NOTHING into SOMETHING . We both gained from the shoot and plan to work together again in the future.

Q: Who do you hope to shoot one day? What event do you plan to shoot one day? 

A: People I hope that I can shoot with are Young Thug & Jerrika Karlae . An event I would love to shoot one day would have to be the BET Awards show or like an XXL Cypher.

Q: What is some ultimate goals for yourself and your career? 

A: My only goals are to Give a better home to my parents , Be able to travel and live without worrying about the cost and last but not least to build a family and settle down in my hometown, Atlanta, Ga.

Q: Who are your inspirations? 

A: My inspiration is my Grandmother (Annie Delores Hudson)

Q: Aside from photography, is there anything else that you do and could you elaborate on those talents? 

A: Besides photography I do a lot actually lol .. I do graphic design (credits : Young Nudy , Slaughter Gang , Viral Kulture , BKP) , I am also nice with my videography (music videos , Greek videos etc )Fun facts – I also march for the great Bethune-Cookman University where I play snare drum for the men of sudden impact. I used to rap and produce my own tracks when I was in middle &I some high school. I also dance lol I’m apart of a dance troupe at my institution , it’s called WNDC (What’s next dance company) 

Q: Do you have a specific lens you use for your shoots? 

A: No I don’t have a specific lens I use for my shoots but I do have a favorite which is my 50mm 1.8 stm


Q: How would you define the style of your shoots? 

A: The style of my shoots are more so based off of themes and concepts , every shoot that I do I try to have a visualized picture in my head of how I would like the outcome to be. A lot of my vision comes out in post production when editing and touch ups are being done.

Q: Are you currently working on any projects? 

A: Currently I have just been working on Greek probate videos which you can check out on my YouTube & Instagram Page but I will be dropping some more heat really soon so be on the lookout !

Q: Have you done photography for any public figures? 

A: As of right now I haven’t shot with any public figures but I have networked and made those connections . I have done graphic work for some though . As stated in a questions previously asked.

Q: What are some of the most common themes in your photoshoots? 

A: Some of my most common themes that I get asked to do has to be the Birthday shoots with number balloons , bathing suit beach shoots, and everybody wants a shoot with a pink backdrop for some reason lol

Q: When you edit your photos, what style do you go for? 

A: When I edit my photos I got for a clean , vibrant look and sometimes I like the bold ashy look you can get when dealing with the exposure.

Q: When is comes to the confidence of the models, or the people you shoot for, how do you get them to do exactly what you want? What steps do you take to ensure the photoshoot turns out how you envisioned it? 

A: When it comes to comfort I try to make sure all of my models are comfortable in every aspect . Which means I’m not gonna make you do or wear anything that’s gonna make you shy to the camera . I usually try to break the ice with my clients and get to know them a little and conversation while shooting and I might throw a little pointer here and there subliminally to get the look I want but I basically try to fulfill there needs while fulfilling the needs of the shoot at the same time.

Q: What is your opinion on visual/graphic artists not getting the recognition they deserve, when it comes to creating art for musicians/events? 

A: THANK YOU FOR ASKING ME THIS lol. But I feel as though we deserve a lot more credit then we get cause yea we understand our prices aren’t cheap but people have to understand that a job isn’t easy . It’s more to being a photographer than just taking a picture. We have to buy our own equipment . The equipment we buy isn’t cheap and is relatively expensive especially due to the high demand in high quality pictures and 4K videos now a days. Also the planning stage is vital as well , we have to find the location, make sure it’s well lit , and work around not only your schedule but ours as well. In addition, we have the most important part, the post production. Once again we have to buy our own equipment which means software as well. Basic editing software can range anywhere from $100-$500 depending on what you get and what’s needed. Editing can take hours and even days and for some projects WEEKS to complete . So before you complain about not getting your finished product the next day . Put us , The photographers in your shoes cause just like you all have lives to carry on after the shoot , so do we.


Q: What can we expect from you in 2017? 

A: In 2017 you can only expect better , I promise you if you keep up with me you’ll see that I’m only going up from here . I plan on eating with the ones I’ve starved with and I’m speaking it in to existence. IT IS OUR YEAR, and it’s time to secure the bag!

Q: What would you like the readers to know? 

A: I would like for the readers to know to never give up on what you love doing and just because you can’t see progress doesn’t mean there isn’t any . It’s all about patience , the greatest people to come through this world were once in your shoes , the only difference between them and us is that they kept doing what they loved no matter who told them it wasn’t for them. Be the change you want to see and as a friend always told me if you don’t have a few haters then that means you’re doing something wrong .

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