After working alongside some notable names such as Lil Yachty, XXXTENTACION, and JBalli, New Jersey graphic designer, Michael Scotto is paving a way for himself in the media industry, through his passion for art. Though his passion for art started at birth, it wasn’t until 8th grade that Michael decided he would take graphic designing seriously. Aside from graphic designing, you can catch Scotto designing clothes for his upcoming line release. A popping portfolio with notable names and talent in both graphic/fashion design? There’s no stopping Michael Scotto.


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Q: What is your full name?

A: My name is Michael Anthony Scotto


Q: Where are you from/Where do you currently reside?

A: I am from Marlton, New Jersey and I currently reside in Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Q: What is your current occupation?

A: My graphic designing and fashion designing is my current occupation


Q: How long has art been a part of your life?

A: Since I could hold a pencil, I always doodled on anything I could until I realized I had a talent.


Q: Why style of art do you typically handle?

A: Mainly Cartoons and Pop Art and clothes that I doodle on and wear.


Q: When did you decide to infuse your art skills into graphic designing?

A: After I took a photoshop class in 8th grade so about 3 years ago. 


Q: What was the most challenging part about learning graphic design?

A: The hardest thing is learning how the program works.


Q: What type of graphic design work do you do?

A: I do cover art for musicians and I’m starting to do logos for brands as well as for my upcoming clothing line.


Q: Have you done any graphic design work for any brands/businesses/musicians/etc.?

A: Yes, they make up my clientele.


Q: Are you working on any projects?

A: I have some clothes dropping in the summer


Q: Aside from graphic design, is there anything else that you do?

A: I design clothes, and I’m doing this stuff to get a name for myself.


Q: What was it like having your art recognized by Squidnice?

A: I was actually happy, I’ve been noticed by a decent amount of celebrities but he took it to the far extent of making the portrait I did of him as his profile picture and all my friends from Staten Island were so amazed at it.


Q: Have you done work with any other public figures? What work have you done with them?

A: I’ve done work for Jballi, Brett Coxy, Lil Yachty, Jbans, Chubba, I did cover arts for all of them and I did a painting of XXXTENTACION that he actually commented on offering to buy it.


Q: What do you see for the future of your graphic design career?

A: Once I get famous enough, I’m going to stop doing graphic designing and focus on my clothing line.


Q: What advice would you give to aspiring graphic designers?

A: My advice would be you’re not gonna make money right away, so you have to do a decent amount of “volunteer work” and you have to dm every rapper you see hoping they dm you back, and have some work to show said person.

Q: What is your opinion on visual/graphic artists not getting the recognition they deserve, when it comes to creating art for musicians/events?

A: Honestly they should be recognized a lot. The cover art is the first thing you see before the actual music, it has to get your attention. Also I sometimes see people commenting on some cover art for someone asking “who did it?” It happens all the time with me and I’ll sometimes give them a hint and like their comment on instagram or I’ll dm them saying I did the cover art and if they want something made I’m happy to do it.


Q: Is there something you would like your supporters to know? What can we expect in 2017?

A: After my clothes drop, I have a surprise for everyone


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