Six years in, and a lifetime to go, Hampton Roads native, Aminah McKenzie, is a passionate photographer with the ambition to become a professional photographer for high fashion brands and magazines, as well as celebrities. With inspirations from professional photographers such as Lindsey Adler and Jessica Kobessi, McKenzie learns to remain humble and focuses on perfecting her craft.


” You can have inspiration, but don’t get into comparing your work to others. It will be harder for you to grow.” 


Q: What is your full name and where are you from?

A: My name is Aminah McKenzie and I am from Hampton Roads, Virginia.


Q: How long have you been doing photography?

A: I have been doing photography for six years


Q: What inspired you to want to do photography?

A: My mother inspired me. She did photography a few years before me and I took my first picture with her camera and fell win love with it.


Q: Are you currently a student?

A: Yes


Q: What is one of the best shoots you have ever done?

A: My photoshoot called “Black Beauty.” It has been featured in 2 exhibits.


Q: Who do you hope to shoot one day? What events do you plan to shoot one day?

A: I hope to shoot Zendaya or Yara Shahidi and I would love to shoot the Afropunk Festival.


Q: What are some ultimate goals for yourself and your career?

A: To have my work on billboards around the world and also in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and many other brands.


Lindsey Adler – Dark Beauty Magazine

Q: Who are your inspirations

A: Lindsey Adler, Sue Bryce, Sasha Samsonova, and Jessica Kobessi


Q: Do you have a specific lens that you use for your shoots?

A: 50mm 1:4 Canon Lens


Q: How would you define the style of your photoshoots?

A: Soft, Simple, Dainty

Q: Are you currently working on any projects?

A: Yes, I am working on a HUGE body positivity project.


Q: When it comes to the editing aspect of your photography, what style do you usually go for?

A: Soft and Simple. I try not to over edit, so everything is simplistic.


Q: When it comes to the confidence of the models or the people you shoot for, how do you get them to do exactly what you want? What steps do you take to ensure the photoshoot turns out how you envision it?

A: I create a playlist of songs a couple of days before with their favorite music and also send them a mood board through Pinterest. This allows them to be comfortable with themselves and confident as well. I tell them to pick their poses from the vibe of the music. Whatever mood they get from a certain song that plays, is what I love to capture.


Q: What would you like the readers to know?

A: When you start off doing photography, don’t jump into the business aspect. Take time to perfect your craft, save money for lenses and find out what your style is. You can have inspiration, but don’t get into comparing your work to others. It will be harder for you to grow.


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