Native to the infamous Houston, Texas, Angel Johnson is a freelance model and hair influencer with an eclectic soul and an ambition to diversify the modeling industry while grasping any beneficial business endeavor that may come her way. When she’s not posing or getting her hustle on, Angel is an active member in her community, helping the homeless and cleaning up, and making sure her fellow black girls are represented in a positive light.

Full Name: Angel Johnson
Occupation: Freelance Model and Hair Influencer
Star Sign: Capricorn
Where are you from and where do you live now? I’m born and raised in Houston, Texas!
What are you into? I am into photography with my creative partner, modeling, hair care, and being a inspiration in my community representing Black Girl Magic.
What else do you do? I also work alongside my family in the community volunteering to feed the homeless, cleanup, and help with Civic Association of my neighborhood.
What’s important to you? What’s important to me is helping and inspiring others. Whether that be in the community in person, or online through photos and messages. I do my best to represent black girls in a positive light, and be a role model for girls growing up loving their black hair, the skin they’re in, and see the beauty they see in me also reflects theirs.
Favorite Song? My favorite song would have to be Blessings by Lecrae and Ty Dolla $ign right now.
What scares you most? What scares me most are Spiders. And snakes. They’re gross to me.
What’s a skill you wish you possessed? A skill I wish I possessed is probably athletic skills. I am not athletic at all! Lol I admire people that can exercise, play different sports, and find time to fit it in their daily routine. I’m working on it!
What’s your secret obsession? My secret obsessions are cats and French bulldogs! I find myself watching cat and frenchie videos, and liking their pictures on Instagram! I’ll even say I’ve nearly been as far as saving some of the stories I’ve seen of them through something like storiesig; I really do love them that much! My family say their temperaments actually match my personality.
Favorite books? My favorite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That book helped me tremendously, I learned to renew my mind and think positively, while figuring out and declaring the goals I have for myself!
Best fashion moment? My best fashion moment would be when I was in school, I was working a job that paid well for my age and I splurged on clothing all through school! I was a bit of a fashionista between the years of 16-18. I was experimenting and now I have a variety of styles depending on my mood.
Favorite Word? My favorite word is eclectic, the meaning describes me perfectly, that word also reminds me of the people on earth; we’re all different, diverse, cultural, but individually I feel we should appreciate that in one another.
What pisses you off? Something that pisses me off, I try not to let things get to me but it’s more of a pet peeve; popping knuckles. The sound makes me cringe! Haha!
Favorite Brand? My favorite brand; clothing wise, I really don’t have one. I like style more than brand!
What fictional character do you relate to the most? A fictional character I can relate to is probably Lucy from Narnia, she’s curious and bold.
What celebrity do you have a crush on? Don’t tell my boyfriend, but lance gross is my celebrity crush, but back when he was single haha, I respect the vows he shared with his wife!
What inspires you most? What inspires me most is people’s success stories. I love to hear about people doing better, it gives me a vision of better for myself.
Q:When did you first start modeling?
A:I started modeling December of 2015, a photographer direct messaged after seeing me taking selfies on my laptop in my dorm, we did our first shoot together and I was amazed by the response people gave to it, I decided to take it more seriously from then on.
Q: How has your career expanded since then?
A: My career has expanded quite significantly in a year. My following started to build from 2k followers before I started, into 20.3k today. I promote businesses on my page, affiliate market, and I’m more creatively involved in the shoots I do now with my photography partner, Brian Junior.
Q: What hair care and fashion brands were you a brand affiliate for?
A: I’ve done affiliate marketing with small up and coming brands that i feel have a positive mission. But recently I worked with,, TiffanyLocJewels, and, just to name a few.

Q: Given the nature of the modeling industry today, what diversity do you hope to bring to this industry?

A: Something I feel like I add to diversify; I feel I’m a bit eclectic myself so I bring a bit of diversity no matter what audience because of my hair, skin color, and look, but I am Hebrew/African American, I’m 5’3 so I’m a bit short, shout out to all the short girls! I try to remain as humble as possible and give a voice to an audience that may feel muted, I’m all about connecting with people in any way I can. I leave myself vulnerable to criticism and wear my flaws, I talk about my struggles. I will not allow my Instagram to fool you, i have a life, and battle some of the same issues most young women and young BLACK women endure. So I try to create that space on my page to talk about it and grow together. I feel that is how I diversify this industry.
Q: Where do you see yourself five, if not, ten years from now?
A: I see myself owning businesses in my field, and being able to affiliate market with an influencer marketing agency uk and hopefully the brands of my dreams, helping promote other models and like-minded women on the rise.
Q: Aside from modeling and brand affiliation, are there any other talents that you have?
A: Aside from modeling and brand affiliation, little do people know I play piano, I used to sing, and I learned to crochet recently so I think that’s a new love of mine!
Q: How do you show off your Black Girl Magic?
A: I show off my black girl magic by just being me, boldly and wonderfully!
Q: What are your plans for 2017?
A: I’ve got a few projects I’m working on currently I can’t say much about yet, but more shoots between my creative partner, Brian Junior, and hair tips and business endeavors along the way!

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