Meet upcoming singer and model Kadesha Krystal! This Canadian beauty has big plans to simultaneously take over the music and fashion industry. With her musical debut just weeks away I got the chance to speak with her on what listeners should expect from her upcoming project, her musical influences, and her view on music as a whole. Besides music, Kadesha has been working hard to down barriers in the modeling world. We were able to speak on how she got her start and the importance of self-love.

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Q: When did you realize you wanted to make a career in music?

A: As long as I can remember. As a little girl I’d dream of singing on stage in front of crowds of people. My older brother Andre would have my sister and I battle in the living room singing The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica to practice lol.


In 2008 I joined a choir called R.O.C. (Rexdale Outreach Choir). After that, I joined a group called The Next Edition where I was the lead singer. In high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life until I had a sit down with my guidance counsellor and you know they have to ask you questions like “what is your next move after high school?” I replied “to be a singer” then she said “no, I mean realistically what you want to be?” This was a moment I never forgot because I’d always have the same answer since I was a kid.


I actually second guessed myself for a few years and even went to school for something I didn’t want to do. It wasn’t until then that I truly realized my calling and I didn’t let anyone else distract me from it.


Q: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
A: I thank God for my brothers because they really put me on some sick artist growing up. My main girl is Aaliyah. I just felt connected with her. I used to watch all her documentaries, music videos, everything lol.

Others are Selena, Maxwell, 112, Keith Sweat, Craig David, Pink, Mya, SWV, Faith Evans, Eve, Outcast, DMX, Dipset, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Brandy, TLC… The list goes on.

Growing up the artist were diverse, you couldn’t listen to one person to get all genres of music like today. Everyone was very distinct and talented. That’s what I was attracted to.


Q: Is there a specific genre that you gravitate to?

A: I am an R&B girl. I love it, it’s my soul, and it speaks to me. I listen to all kinds of music, but old school Hip Hop/R&B is just the best to me.


Q: What is your view on music (and its influence on society) today?
A: Today’s music has a hugeee influence on society. These days the most popular genre of music is Trap, Hip Hop, etc. and the messages in most of these songs are:get money, get high, and get bi***** but if you listen to the conscious musicians (ex. Kendrick Lamar), then you’re mindset on females especially will be different on how you  perceive women. These days I feel like music definitely glorifies things that people use to be a ashamed of.


Q: If you had to choose a specific decade to start your career (90s, early 2000s) which decade would it be and why?
A: For sure the 90s. I just feel like that was the decade of real soulful R&B and that’s what I love. Back then it was cool to be loving to your girl but that type of music. Artists like Maxwell, Jaheim, and Tyrese etc. have vanished with the exception of someone like Miguel lol.


Q: You’ve been working hard to deliver some music by the end of December; can you tell us what to expect?
A: You can definitely expect core R&B with a modern twist. Something new, fresh but still familiar.


Q: Do you have a name for this project? If so, what is it and what does the title represent?
A: I will just be continuously dropping singles the first being “Without You” then the EP “Humble Hype” creatively named by Sean Diamond will be in the works.


Q: Are you nervous about the way it will be received?
A: Of course! It’s the first song I’ll be putting out officially. At the same time I’m super pleased with these tracks and it’s been awhile since I’ve recorded and been 100% satisfied.


Q: Do you write your own music? Are you open to collaborating with other singers/songwriters?
A: I write my own music but since I’m so old school I get help with trying to modernize songs with the engineer I’m working with at the time or other artists.

“Without You” the first single was co-written by a talented rapper/singer named Leo. We spent some time together trying to mesh my style and his onto such a unique beat, and it just tied together.

Toronto has sooo many artist so it’s hard to just choose one but I’d love to work with Andreena Mill. We grew up in the same neighborhood (Rexdale) and when she was coming out with her music at the time no female from Toronto was making much noise other than Fefe Dobson and Keshia Chante.


Q: If you could do a collaboration with one artist from the past and one from the present, who would it be?
A: From the past? Aaliyah (of course) and from the present . . . Sam Smith.

Aaliyah because she inspired me as a young girl with her personality, talent and beauty and she was just all around great. She was way beyond her time in terms of music and she always knew what she wanted to do. Sam Smith because to me he’s has such soul and is such an amazing singer. His work with Disclosure really drew me to him, it’s sort of a mixture of R&B and Pop with a touch of House and I’d love to get in on that.


Q: Since you are debuting in December, should we expect a project in 2017?
A: A project is still in the works but certainly coming, at this point I will be dropping singles for people to get familiarized with Kadesha Krystal the artist.


Q: What tips could you give someone who may want to start a career in music but is too scared?
A: If it’s your passion, something you cannot live without, just do it. I’ve known this was something I’ve wanted from since I was a little girl, and I use to be soooo shy to sing around my friends and family but then I got more comfortable and confident with myself I knew I could do it so I let myself be heard. I use to hold back a lot until I got comfortable. If you don’t feel 100% about yourself you’ll always let people’s opinion effect your life. So yes we all get scared and nervous but eventually that’ll pass and your talent will push through.





Q: Now besides music, you are also an established model. have you always been interested in modeling?
A: I’ve been modeling since 2011. My first official gig was for a company called McCarthy’s. After that, I started getting more opportunities, an agent and I’ve been modeling ever since.
Q: Was modeling something that your family/friends supported?
A: Friends 100% yes, but my number ONE supporter is Sean Diamond. He’s the best photographer that I’ve ever worked with and we quickly became friends after our first day of meeting (which was the first day we shot together lol). He taught me to be comfortable in my own skin which showed on camera, and we’ve creatively grown so much together.
Even when it comes to my music he always tells it like it is, if something isn’t right he’s not afraid to let me know. Sean is a great mentor, friend and if it wasn’t for his guidance and support I wouldn’t be as far as I am and it’s just the beginning.
As far as family, I am one out of 6 brothers and sisters and my brother Jason actually suggested I get into it since I’ve always wanted to be in that industry. As they noticed I started getting more serious and more recognition, they were hesitant because (of course) it comes with a lot of parties and networking and they didn’t want they’re little sister doing things I shouldn’t do but I’ve got a good head on my shoulders lol so they stopped worrying after a while.
Q: What kind of advice would you give someone who may not have support from others?
A: If it’s something you absolutely love and cannot live without, eventually the people who are not supporting you will be the least of your worries. I always say it literally takes that one yes to change everything. Don’t get me wrong as humans we desire support from others but sometimes it won’t be from your family/friends. As long as you have consistency and drive in what you love doing the support will fall through.
Q: You’ve mentioned in other interviews that Eva Pigford is one of your inspirations, what exactly was it that made you gravitate towards her?
A: I loved the fact that she was so unique, genuine and real. Other than Halle Berry she was the only woman that I’d seen that could rock the short edgy hair cut flawlessly. Also, because of the fact that she was considered “short” for a model and didn’t let that stop her. She jumped through all hurtles in America’s Next Top Model and prevailed, and to this day she is still relevant.



Q: If you got the chance to work alongside two other models (could be upcoming, well known, etc.) who would they be and why?
A: Eva Pigford (obviously) and Tyra Banks. These women were two of many of my childhood inspirations.
When I stumbled on Tyra Banks I use to go to my grandma’s house (because I didn’t own a computer at the time) and I’d go on her website and read about her, look at her baby pictures and just research how she became who she is today. She made history being the first black woman to be on the cover of sports illustrated and that inspired me. When she came out with her own reality show (which Eva was a contestant on) I just had to watch.
I just feel like these two and the most relatable, genuine models I’ve come across and the rest of history is still being written on these two, and hopefully one day I’ll be a part of it.



Q: Are there any designers/brands that you have worked with or hope to work with in the near future?
A: Yes. I have worked with a few Canadian brands, most recent being Femme Forte Pro Cosmetics but I’d love to work with more shoe companies. I have an obsession with shoes, heels, sneakers, boots everything. Timberline, Puma, Christian Louboutin, etc. As far as clothing, I have many different styles so I don’t have a specific brand that I like, if I like the clothes I wear it. But I’d love to model for Zara and H&M because they represent everyday apparel for the everyday person.


Q: Do you think social media has damaged or helped the art of modeling?
A: Social media has definitely helped the art of modeling but it also has damaged the perception of a model.
I find that it’s all about perception of your social media outlets, if you don’t have a certain amount of followers, you’re not catching the eye of anyone. People think it’s easy to be a model based of off social media because it seems like everyone is doing it, so it’s harder for the models that actually are serious to get booked when you have someone else with less experience doing it for free.
On the other hand social media is amazing because you can display your art and passion and get connected with people that are in the same field and just seeing what everyone’s doing and getting inspired by others is what social media is great for. I’ve connected with producers, models, designers, photographers and agents all thanks to social media.
Q: What tips would you give someone looking to get into modeling?
A: Confidence and consistency is key. If it’s something you love, continue! And set goals for yourself: short term and long term. Once you have set goals and you are determined to achieve them it’ll happen.


Q: As a public figure, you will be someone young girls look up to, what are some words of advice that you could give them?
A: To love yourself. Self-love is so important. When I was younger, I’ll admit I didn’t see myself as pretty and my confidence was nowhere where it is now. I’ve learned to love myself and to believe in what I love. It was not easy at all and it is something that I had to sit myself down and learn to do. As a young girl I’ve always looked up to beautiful positive women and men so to the young girls especially of this generation you have to have your head on your shoulders or else you can get lost in the sauce lol.


Q: Is there anything you want to say to your supporters out there?
A: To my supporters I’d like to sincerely thank you all. I am continuously working on projects with modeling. In terms of my singing I know I get a lot of questions on when my stuff will be coming out and I have my first official single “Without You” coming out before the end of the year . . . finally! Lol so thanks so much for your patience we just had to make sure it was right!


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