My name is Kamrea (Camry) I’m currently going into my second year of college, majoring in marketing and fashion merchandising in San Francisco, California. I originally started in 2014 with 6 cut and sew garments. I realized that cut and sew is very time consuming and I didn’t really want to be bothered with it. The following year, in March, I created the logo tee with great help from my friend, Tay Hundreds, originally on a white tee with black print. I only made 20 shirts a few weeks before I graduated high school and they all sold out before I could get them back from the person who screen printed my shirts ( Javier Torres, owner of fourwordsclothing). After those shirts sold out I stopped designing again until 2016. I brought back my old logo and also designed a new logo. My creative mind is always moving, but I like to take breaks during this process  My brand is me – I design for myself. I never started OddRoute for money I started it as a way to express myself and people were gravitated towards it.

Seeing the passion in her craft and her brand, I decided to interview Kamrea to get insight on what OddRoute is, what it means to her, and the future of this great clothing line.



Q: What is the meaning behind “OddRoute” Clothing?


A: The meaning behind OddRoute is pretty straight forward. To take the OddRoute you’re comfortable and confident in your physical appearance and also in yourself. “Normal” means coming to standard, but exactly whose standards? Everyone should be in control of their own physical standards and not care about what anyone else thinks about them , that is how you take the OddRoute.



Q: Where are you all based out of? 


A: OddRoute is based out of California.



Q: Who is the brains behind this brand?


A: I’m the brains of my clothing line. I don’t have partners and I don’t want a team member. I think having a partner could possibly be too much work . I’m not interested in miscommunication and confusion. I’m not saying that’s what every clothing line who has a team effort goes through, but I’ve personally seen people not get their foot in the door because their team wasn’t cooperating.



Q: Before starting this clothing line, what gave you/ you guys the inspiration to go forward with the idea? 


A: I learned how to sew in 2012 and in 2013-2014. I got really into watching New York, Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks. I would watch the shows as I would sew in my room. In 2014, I thought, “Why not start a clothing line?” I didn’t have a name for it or anything yet, but I made about 6-10 different garments and had a photoshoot. All of the garments were cut & sew and people liked it, but I just didn’t continue with it.



Q: What is the main purpose and goal of your clothing line? 


A: I design for myself, my brand is me. The main purpose of my clothing line is to make stuff that makes me happy, makes me feel fashionable and chill. My goal is to reach a bigger audience one day in the future with the meaning of my brand.



Q: What do you all hope to gain from this brand? 


A: I don’t really hope to gain anything from this, like becoming famous or making a bunch of money. I’m actually really low-key when it comes to putting my face out there in the world. When I did my first cut and sew line, a lot of people actually didn’t know it was me , it was actually great! I was sitting across from some people at school and they were talking about the line and asked, “Hey, do you know who is in charge of “OddRoute?” and I was like like, “Oh that’s me.” I think they were kind of shocked by my answer.



Q: Have you guys gone international with your brand? 


A: I haven’t gone international with my brand, but that would be pretty cool though, to see people just being super chill in my garments.



Q: Have you guys had any celebrities/musicians showcase your brand? 


A: No celebrities or musicians showcase my brand at the moment.



Q: What is in the future for OddRoute Clothing?


A: I honestly don’t know what’s in the future of OddRoute. Some people may read this and think it’s crazy that I don’t know my next move. Or maybe I really do know but not interested in telling? I create something new once a year so my brand isn’t actually seasonal. I never create a huge collection, so I believe in perfecting every last piece and idea before I put it out to the public.



Q: How did you all create the apparel designs? What was the inspiration?


A: In March, I created what I call the “classic logo tee,” with great help from my friend Tay Hundreds originally on a white tee with black print. I only made 20 shirts a few weeks before I graduated high school and they all sold out before I could get them back from the person who screen printed my shirts ( Javier Torres owner of fourwordsclothing). I just sketch my ideas out on paper. I’m not really good at drawing, so my sketch book has a lot more notes in it rather than designs. My inspiration was all about originality. I’m not a fan of smaller brands using the same font or designs as bigger brands to get theirs out in the world.



Q: What would you like to let your supporters know about OddRoute and what’s to come? 


A: I would like my supporters to know that, “Yes ,I am very low-key when it comes to my ideas and release dates, but I am always working on producing something.” 



Q: With the relaunch of your website, what can consumers expect to see on the site?


A: With each relaunch of the site, consumers will see something that they haven’t seen from me before, even if it is the same shirt with a different color way. Everything I make is limited because I like exclusivity. Expect to see new faces , I’m working on diversity when it comes to my models, as well none of them look the same or act the same which I think makes the brand unique.



Photo Credits: Rick Rivera (_slick_rick23)

“For my look book I wanted a very diverse look in my models , not one of my models look the same in my opinion and they all have different personalities which represents me and my brand.” -Kamrea


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