Birmingham Entrepreneur and ”Business Badass” Claudia Watkins recently launched her digital lifestyle blog ” The Corporette Goddess,” where she touches on everything from mental health, personal growth, fitness, and the intersection of professionalism and fashion. 


One of the most frequently asked questions is how to maintain a certain level of professionalism without butchering your personal style. Nicknamed a “Corporette Goddess”, Claudia gives advice on how you can be both “cute and cut throat. Trust me girl, anytime I can do the most, I will. Less is never more. You can walk into the office and still be fashionable.” She accredits her style and self confidence to her impressive pageant history. It is here that she learned how to publicly speak, motivate others, and the strength in her femininity. This is evident in her blog post where she stresses  the importance of less competition and more collaboration. “That is one of my favorite blog posts because I think society tends to put us all against each other and we think ‘Oh I have to make it! Get out of my way! I have to make it!’ and we forget that we can all make it together! That is what I want my blog to tell the readers.”

One of my favorite sections of the blog that focuses on femininity is #WorkingWomenWednesday where she features  pivotal women in the business world.  “The purpose of this is to celebrate women that work hard. I just want to give a little shout out to say that I see you working. Keep doing you.” Along with this, the blog is currently featuring an one month challenge that stresses personal growth. She states, “the goal of the challenge is to teach how you can become a better you and not conform to the business world.” 

Men know what to wear on a job interview but women are frequently left to question whether or not their outfit decisions could cost them the job. Women are often policed into abandoning their sense of style for the sake of professional development when it does not have to be that way. This blog is refreshing because it caters to women who are trying to make sense of the corporate world.  She gives advice on how to defy the current fashion stigma that plagues the confidence of young, fashionable women that are entering the office. This is definitely the type of blog that I will be linking all of my girlfriends to. 

To close the interview, I asked Claudia what her theme song would be and she jokingly stated, “Definitely ‘Everything Golden’ by Shy Glizzy because it reminds me to keep everything in my life golden. I can always turn up to that at the end of a bad day.”


For tips and advice on how to “live golden,” you can subscribe to her blog here: or follow her Instagram @xclothesmindedx

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I am a traveling poet and spoken word artist from Birmingham, AL. Aside from being a polysci student at The University of Alabama, I am also the creator of “Literary Vibes Birmingham” which is a spoken word showcase that highlights the talents of both musicians and poets. You can catch me under a tree with a good book or on my twitter: alexuuussss

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