img_0644954_203118-year-old, Bianca, was born and raised in Miami Beach of Jamaican, Indian, and Russian descent. Since the age of 4, Bianca began modeling, but recently stopped, until she realized that she couldn’t give up one of her true passions. “It’s a huge passion of mine, I’m able to do something I truly love and am good at.” Now, back in the modeling game, Bianca plans to grow her modeling career, with plans to take her love of fashion and music and pursue a career in both. “I would love to own my own management or A&R company.” 

cl6i9620Full Name: Bianca Savelev


Occupation: Modeling


Star Sign: Cancer


img_0648Where are you from and where do you live now? : Miami Beach


What are you into?: Music & Fashion 


What else do you do?: I enjoy hanging out with family & friends, styling & doing adventures stuff.


What’s important to you?: My future, family, 


2016-06-12-12-57-05Favorite Song?: Into you- Fabolous ft. Ashanti 


What scares you most?: Losing everything I worked hard for.


What’s a skill you wish you possessed?: Being able to sing haha


What’s your secret obsession?: Fluffy white pillows




954_2093Favorite Word?: Lituation 


What pisses you off?: When people ask stupid questions, When you’re hanging out with someone & they’re on the phone the entire time.


Favorite Brand?: Channel, Vetements, Zara 


What celebrity do you have a crush on?: A$AP Rocky


What inspires you most?: Seeing everyone around me grind, it truly motivates me to do the same.

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