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Jasmine ArmaniModel

“My name is Jasmine Armani and I am 19 years old. I got into modeling and acting at a young age, but I always had setbacks, such as my height (I’m 5’5). I gave up on these passions for a while and went to school. I had tattoos, but I didn’t have ones as visual as the ones I have now, on my face, hand, and neck. I got them when I had given up on  modeling, because it was moving at a slow pace and it was not working out for me, but I started to get noticed more, as I did more photoshoots. I was still trying to build my portfolio with a variety of looks, in hopes of getting signed to an agency that accept me with my art. I felt that I didn’t want to have them covered up. That if an agency really wanted me, they wanted me, and I refused to sacrifice my art for anyone. In the future, I hope to start my own agency catering to heavily tattooed or pierced models who don’t make the qualifications, not only for their tattoos, but also height. I’m tired of people, who have great potential, being looked over for stupid things like tattoos or piercings. I am working towards my ultimate goal.”

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