Meet Nicole Minzie! This aspiring model is one of the most naturally talented models in recent times. In a time where having a pretty face pretty much gets you . . . well, everywhere, Ms. Minzie makes sure to always remain humble and never stop working. She’s entered the modeling world in hopes to inspire the young girls across the world who may not have anyone to look up to and feel that there aren’t people that look like them being praised. I got the chance to speak with her on her inspirations, social media, and more!

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Q: When did you realize you wanted to become a model?
A: I realized I wanted to be a model when I realized there were no celebrities that represented . . . me. I have to be that for other people.


Q: Initially, did you get the support of your family/friends/piers etc.?
A: Yes. When I first told family, I think some of them thought of Danni Levy modeling and assumed that would be the path I would take. They were supportive of that, but at times some of it felt forced. I think Danni and those girls on Babestation are amazing for what they do, but that’s not me. When my family realised what I would actually be doing they became very supportive.


Q: What would you give someone who may not have that support?
A: Keep pushing for what you want to accomplish. You are responsible for you at ALL times. Don’t let yourself down.


Q: Do you remember your first shoot? If so, can you explain the experience?
A: My first shoot was chill and laid-back. I knew the photographer beforehand so I was not nervous.


nicole-minzie-png-3Q: Are there any models that you look to for inspiration?
A: Jasmine Sanders, India Westbrooks, Maggie Cowie, Aiyana Lewis, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Campbell.


Q: If you had the chance to do a shoot with 2 other models (don’t have to be well known); who would they be and why?
A: India Westbrooks and Naomi Campbell. They are so beautiful and they add so much life into a picture.


Q: What do you feel separates your look from others?
A: My high cheek bones and long face.


Q: What type of advice would you give someone looking to become a model?
A: Stay confident and embrace rejection.


Q: Are there any tips that you’ve learned since you started that can make going through a shoot easier?
A: Practice posing 24/7, have a sense of style (be able to coordinate your outfits). Also, it’s a plus if you know how to do makeup well . . .


Q: How do you feel about the comment “Social media has ruined the art of modeling?” Do you agree or disagree?
A: I agree. Experience does not guarantee a job anymore. You just need a large fan base and a pretty face and book anything you want.


Q: If you weren’t a model, what do you think you’d be doing?nicole-2
A: I’d probably be a beat-maker, or a photographer.


Q: How do you cope with the pressure of being in front of a camera all the time?
A: I try pretending that cameras are always rolling.


Q: Are there certain qualities you believe all models should have?
A: Resilience, determination, confidence, humbleness & awareness.


Q: Last but not least, there are a lot of young women who may look at you and aspire to be like you one day; what words of wisdom can you leave them with?
A: You are good enough ALL the time . . . the sky is the limit. You must realize that being pretty is not enough, you have go to remain educated as well.


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