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Striding along the runways for brands like Telfar and Hood by Air, 21-year-old model Olajuwon Anderson otherwise known as Isaiah, is gradually making his mark on the industry. Scouted on Instagram by creative genius and casting director Kevin Amato, Isaiah’s career started with a simple selfie. Differentiating him from most models, he also makes music providing his audience with a unfamiliar sound. Shooting look books for brands like Vfiles and Imasinachi and editorials for Complex magazine Isaiah is on the rise to model stardom.

Get to know Isaiah in our extended interview below as he discusses his new EP, what he does when he’s not modeling or making music and his favorite shoot thus far. 


Q: So tell me about yourself, how did you get into modeling? 

A: This is a funny story, I posted a pic saying I need another photo shoot and the pic I took was off of my iPhone lol and Kevin Amato (formerly known as Hood by Air’s casting director) found me on Instagram and told me to give him a call. From there I went on and modeled for HBA’ s website and more.

Q: Which form of modeling do you enjoy more print or runway?

A: I enjoy print, but the runway gives me the platform to walk and get my look and features recognized by the designers and others in the crowd.

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Q: Do you have any role models in the industry? 

A: Role models…I would say my boy Thugger. He’s doing things for both industries that I actually appreciate because not too many people can do what he does.

Q: You’re also a rap artist, when did you start making music? 

A: If you mean FIRST starting, I made a fuss song to one of my cousins by recording it in an old boost mobile phone back in 2007 lol she hated me for that. But up until 2014 I started to record with my brothers and get more serious .

Q: Is there a specific audience you try to attract with your music?

A: Not at all, no specific crowds, or genders. I do it for the people who can understand and realize what I’m about .

Q: If you could be the face of any clothing brand what brand would that be? 

A: The face of any brand, I would go for Ralph Lauren or Tom Ford.

Q: What has been your favorite shoot and show to date? 

A: My favorite show has to be Telfar it’s always lit lol and my favorite shoot has to be the 2015 August/September Complex magazine shoot.

Q: Your new EP Dirty Van$ & 30 Xans is set to release soon, what can your fans and supporters look forward to from this project? 

A: DirtyVans & 30Xans is something me and my brother (Baby2Millagram) has in the works, we’ve have been working hard. We aren’t going to give a date yet it will randomly be released a day before it drops. And what’s expected of it is some chill music to vibe to and you got the dark side I bring so its definitely something to look forward to.

Q: When you’re not making music or modeling, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

A: When I’m not making music or modeling, I’m either out finding inspiration or reconstructing some clothes in my closet .

Q: How do you mentally and physically prepare yourself for a runway show?

A: Mentally, I just forget about how bad it can go and think positively, physically I glance in the mirror first and then make it happen.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: In the future, I plan on being one of the top print/runway models performing my songs in front of 100,000 people or more.

Q: How can the people keep up with you and your music?

A: To keep up with the music, people can find my SoundCloud , it’s “issaisaiah” same for Instagram & Twitter for updates on the music etc.


**Check out a snippet of Isaiah’s latest song “Enemies”


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21 year old aspiring model and editor. Student at North Carolina A&T State University. I appreciate all aspects of art. Keep up with me Twitter @theBaronBleu & Instagram @baronbleu

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