“I’m 20 years young, with a lot going for myself, it’s so much more to endure, just have to keep moving forward in this life, towards my dreams and goals.”

Meet H-Town’s finest up and coming artist, MoCity Jaybee. The 20-year-old model and rapper is gradually becoming a household name not only in the state of Texas but nationwide. As seen on a variety of social mediums like Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram, the young star is no newbie in the industries he’s intertwined with, in fact, modeling is something that came naturally as he grew up watching his father, uncle and older sister who are all signed models, make their mark in the industry.

Aside from modeling, he has been an avid music lover since he could remember.

“I’ve always been around music, I love music. Music is deeper than it seems.”

Inspired by notable artist like Gucci Mane, Jay-Z and Future, JB is able to influence others through his music.

Check out our extended interview with JB as he talks about his latest single “Trap Fever” (produced by June James) and how he started modeling and rapping.


Q: Where did it all start for you, How did you get into modeling?

A: Since a young age I always took good pictures, and posted it. My dad, uncle and big sister are all signed models, so it’s in the family, I started taking it serious in January of 2015, but it’s been in me for a while, I took it and ran with it, it’s also very fun aha.

Q: So is modeling something you want to continue doing? 

A: I will always model, I give my fans what they want, they love what I do. I shoot almost every week and I see myself signed, on billboards, and endorsed in the future. The sky’s the limit and I’m working towards it everyday.

Q: Aside from modeling, you’re also a rapper. How did you get into music? 

A: I’ve always been around music, I love music. Music is deeper than it seems, I can go deep into it, but a great opportunity came to me, and I’ve denied making music for a while, but it’s like it was a sign, and I have a big support system and team behind me, so I put my talents to use for myself and family. It’s deeper than a image or being a rapper or even being seen, I do it for my people. I lost a lot of my family and my people in jail.

Q: How do you vibe out in the studio and create a fire track?

A: In the studio I have all good vibes around me! No outsiders allowed when i’m recording, of course it’s liquor and drugs in the studio, but my producer normally put on a few songs or beats so I can freestyle and warm up, then play me a beat or I might already have the song wrote, then i go in the booth and do my thing, I also co-produce my songs, I know what this generation wants to hear.

Q: If you could do a collaboration with any rapper who would it be? 

A: *laughs out loud* I’d love to do a song with Future, or G Herbo, those are 2 of my favorite rappers.

Q: How would you describe your sound? 

A: My sound is a more chill, laid back, a vibe. You can smoke to it, party to it all that, my sound is my own swag, If you know me personally you understand my sound and what I’m saying and how I’m saying it, all my music will have you vibin’.

Q: I know that you were apart of the Tumblr wave, do you think it played a role in the image you’ve created for yourself? 

A: To be honest I had someone else running my Tumblr, I actually don’t use it as much anymore, it’s a challenge to keep up with, but Tumblr did help me and my image, they show so much love on it, and I also got some of my techniques from Tumblr, it has a lot of style on it.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish throughout your career? 

A: I hope to accomplish all of my goals in my career and also touch and change lives by what I’m doing or saying. You have to find your purpose on this earth and mine is to be successful, then give back and help change people.

img_7968Q: Are there any people in particular that you look up to for inspiration? 

A: I don’t know, different things inspire me and make me go harder, business wise and musically I look up to Jay-Z, Future, Gucci Mane, Will Smith, My dad, Lebron James, all of them have paved the way in a certain way that changed lives or people, and brought there own unique style to things.

Q: You just released a single called “Trap Fever” featuring Qzar & Pronto Doe, tell me a little bit about this track. 

A: The song “Trap Fever” was dropped on June James’ production mixtape. Me and the homies Qzar and Pronto was in the studio playin’ around and made that song in less than 15 minutes, it’s produced by June James who is also with “Think it’s a Game”(YFN lucci’s team) so it’s fire! We got trap fever *laughs out loud*, trapping is how u make money, it can be anyway, but basically we been trappin’, putting in work, in whatever aspect that is, or whatever we working on. trappin’ doesn’t only mean just selling drugs.

Q: Ultimately, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

A: I can’t tell the future and things change everyday, but I do know, in 5 years all of my goals will be reached, I will be wealthy and happy. I’ll probably be really famous by then aha. I know by 25, I’ll be no where near where I am today, I’ll be so much better in every aspect. I can go deep into this also. You can have something set or planned, but God already have it all planned out for us.

Q: Are there any projects you’re working on that we can look forward to?

A: YES! I have so much music already done and videos being made that’s coming out! Me and my team been working on a lot of things that will soon be dropping! ANOTHER video will be dropping before thanksgiving.

Q: How can the people keep up with you and your music? 

A: You can keep up with me by following my Twitter and Instagram, both @ names are “mocity_jaybee” snap: mocity.jaybee , you can google me, all that, I have SoundCloud with my music and some on Spinrilla, search MoCity Jb.

*Click here to listen to JB’s latest single “Trap Fever” on Spinrilla and check out his “No Heart” freestyle music video below.

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