When angelic vocals and a beautiful spirit are intertwined, the creation of Niya Wells emerges. Known for her hit song, “Nobody Else,” Wells is taking the music world by storm, in order to perfect her craft. 


Q: How long have you been in the music industry?

A: It feels so weird being asked this question because I’ve never considered myself apart of the industry, but I guess about a year. 


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Rockingham, NC. Very small town, but Greensboro, NC is where I was raised.


Q: Do you have any musical influences?

A: I have plenty! I wish that I could list them all! But I’ll name who I’ve been listening to for the past week: Alabama Shakes, Donna Summers, Little Dragon, and Flying Lotus.


Q: Was there any inspiration behind “Nobody Else?”

A: The track itself was the biggest inspiration. I had never received production so good before. I was listening to the track while driving (something that I do often), and the first verse just flowed. I then met up with a good friend/awesome writer/artist, Shermar, and we completed the rest of the song. 


Q: Are there any plans to go on tour? Or any upcoming events?

A: Um, upcoming events are TBA. I was recently apart of an event called Black2HipHop in February, super fun. Although more shows and events are in the works, I have a massive amount of music to finish, so that’s been the main focus.


Q: What about making music makes you happy?

A: Making music doesn’t always make me happy, but it’s the only time that I feel that I’m doing something right, and it helps me breathe; literally. 


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

A: Yes! I have one upcoming (as in 6 months) project/EP, and a couple of upcoming collaborations that are going to drop before my project is released. I am psyched for it all to be heard. 


Q: What is your ultimate goal for you, your career, and your music?

A: My ultimate goal overall is to be sure that I’m happy with where I end of up after all is done. 


Q: What is something you would like your fans to know about you, your music, and their support?

A: I want anyone who supports me/my music to know that I’ve never worked for anything as hard as I’m working to get to where I want to be musically. I want to perfect my craft for the sole purpose of giving the one’s who support me, what they want/need to hear to keep going. 


Q: What is your creative process when you are writing music?

A: If I’m working with multiple individuals, I have to first be in a comfortable environment, with no more than 3 people in the room. If I’m alone, I like to take long drives while listening to tracks. Im not sure of what it is about being on the road, maybe it’s the constant change of scenery. It just gets me going. 


Q: Who do you aspire to work with in the future & why?

A: Mmm, Jesse Boykins III because he has such a distinct sound, and he’s very cultural. 
Iman Omari because of his jazz filled production. His mixes are included in my playlist of nostalgic tunes. 
James Blake is another. His live shows are AMAZING, and his work is full of passion. I could learn so much from each of these artists.


Q: What are you plans for 2016?

A: To finish my project, and have a team of my own to build/grow with because none of this can be done alone. 

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