Meet Denzel Fleming, otherwise known as “nonotwashington”, a creative individual from Jacksonville, North Carolina who thrives to provoke one’s thoughts through his perceptual works of art including his unapologetic words. Fleming is no virgin to the world of art. He has been involved in both photography and poetry for quite some time. He provides a clean structure in his work through his aesthetically pleasing photographs and his expressive poems.

Check out our exclusive interview with Fleming below where he will cover various topics like how his interest in photography came about and who inspires him, poetically.


Q: So for starters, can you give us a brief introduction for those that don’t know who you are? 

A: My name is Denzel Fleming. I am a senior marketing student at North Carolina A&T State University. I’m a person who has a passion for the arts and people. I’ve been working on bridging the gap between the two which leads me to where I am now.

Q: Nice, tell me how you got involved in the world of photography?

 A: Actually, I started out being a muse for a young lady by the name of Eniola Adeniyi. She was shooting with a Nikon D7000. I really liked how I looked. I felt like my whole life was undocumented until then. Applying that feeling into my work, I sought after people who are dope but go overlooked

Q: How would you describe your style of photography?
A: My style of photography is… A lot of candids. I like to capture genuine emotions of everyday people.After I take their personality shots I like to use them as a subject to play with dichotomies. Good
vs evil, poor vs rich, internal vs external.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations? 
A: A lot of my inspirations are musicians such as: Jay Z, Nas, J. Cole, KANYE WEST, Andre 3000. They keep me motivated to do work. Sometimes I will take a lyric or two of theirs and try to personify that in one photograph. My inspirations as far as people I mirror sometimes, are Basquiat, for sure, Banksy, IG: signedbyap, Tre Wilkes, IG: abstrakt_minded, Toure Ali, and many more

Q: About how long have you been doing poetry? 
A: I’ve always been writing. I actually wrote my first “rap” back in second grade in Mr. Boyd’s class after a failed attempt to copy Snoop Dogg [inaudible laughter]. Then I started writing structured pieces of literary art, some call them ‘bars,’ in 6th grade. I’ve been doing spoken word since my freshman year in college. 
Q: Tell me a little bit about “Art & Chill.”
A: Art & Chill is a result of me wanting to put positive people in positive environments. It’s an interactive open mic in my apartment with a kickback vibe and music is provided by local artist…Where artists chill. 

Q: Is there any poet/(s) that you admire? 
A: I really admire B-Roc(k), Prodigy, Josephus, Micah, and any more. B-Roc(k) is my mentor though.

Q: Ideally, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 
A: Doing something that I really enjoy doing. Doing it and not worrying about anything else because it will be taken care of by what I love. What I love is art, creating, thinking- I love to think.

Q: Musically, who are the top 3 artist on your playlist right now? 
A: Oh man, on my playlist, I’m listening to a lot of Wale… The Warm Up (J. Cole)… and Andre 3000’s verses on Outkast records.

Q: How can viewers keep up with you? 
A: They can keep up with me via Instagram and Twitter at @nonotwashington. On Twitter there will be my thought process and on Instagram is the actual action. 

About The Author

21 year old aspiring model and editor. Student at North Carolina A&T State University. I appreciate all aspects of art. Keep up with me Twitter @theBaronBleu & Instagram @baronbleu

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