Four years ago, Kendall Glaure, also known by her stage name KOI, experienced a major life event that would change her life forever. She attended an open mic night and when the venue was just about cleared out, she grabbed the mic and began to sing, gaining the attention of producer/DJ Christine Posso. It was then that Posso and KOI began a musical relationship, where KOI featured her vocals on Posso’s beat tape, and thus KOI’s career was born. Hailing from Queens, New York, and embodying the spirit of music, KOI has always had a love for music. Bringing her genuine, carefree vibes into the music industry, KOI plans to be content and happy with all that her music has to offer to the world, while planning to release a couple projects in 2018. Join me as we get to know more about this beautiful soul that is, KOI.

Q: What is your full name/stage name?


Q: When and where were you born?

A: Born in Queens New York

Q: Where do you currently reside?

A:Brooklyn New York. I recently just moved back to New York after living in South Florida for little over a decade. 

Q: Has music always been a part of your life?

A: I am music. Music has been and always will be a part of who I am. 

Q: Are there any moments in your childhood that resonate with your career today as a musician?

A: Very interesting choice of words because i wouldn’t say I, as of now, have a career in music but of course many moments in my childhood resonate with me as a musician today. What stands out the most to me was being in first grade and performing No Scrubs at a talent show. I just remember engaging the crowd and loving the control I had. Especially since I was a crybaby shy child. 

Q: What has been the most challenging part about your music career?

A: The most challenging part  would be having funds to properly execute my vision. It’s hard when you have multiple bills and a dream or that cost guap. You try to team up with people and they charge you your whole check or more just to work with them it sucks because it feels like no one believes in you. And then especially nowadays no one wants to just work with you for free outta just love for the art. Understandable but sucks. 

Q: When did your career with music begin?

A: Roughly four years ago I went to an open mic event. I didn’t plan to perform but when everyone was almost gone from the event i picked up the mic and started singing. Thats when i met producer/DJ   Christine Posso who was spinning for the night. She wanted to feature me on her beat tape. I sang for her and then eventually maybe a month or two later a huge life event pushed me to make more music because I thought I’d never get the chance to again. From there my first single There 4 U was born.

Q: What is something different you wish to bring to this generation of music?

A: I wish to just bring myself. All I can do is be me and genuine. I think thats what makes star quality. Making sure your music is you wholeheartedly. No person is the same so if you’re staying true to you then you can bring something new. 

Q: Do you have any personal/career goals that relate to ending the disparity in the diversity of the music industry?

A: I think me breaking in the industry would be just that. There isn’t any singer i grew up with that I related to. Yes there are artist that I love and admire but when it comes to representation i don’t see myself. But just making sure girls like me feel they have someone they can turn on the tv and say hey she’s like me is goals enough. 

Q: If you could describe your personality in three words, what would they be?

A: Anxious. Free. Clarity. 

Q: What can you tell us about your latest singles “Over It” and “YuhLuvKoi9”

A: YuhLuvKoi9 is KOI a siren’s song. Just a mermaid hypnotizing sailors.a theme I play with on different songs I’ve done. Even collab.   Over It  is a song for self love after a break up. It’s the song I wish I heard after a tough break up I had  2 years ago. 

Q: What were the creative processes behind these songs?

A: Over It came about after i reconnected with a long time friend. She introduced me to the producer Little House and that’s what happened. YuhluvKoi9 i literally got drunk in my room and freestyled the song and dropped it the next day. 

Q: You stated that you’re going through some rebranding…How do you plan to rebrand yourself?

A: I’m talented but my music isn’t being taken seriously and not many are tuning in. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, You need a “look” or a theme or a gimmick these days. Perfectly edited pictures and cool videos. So I just need to get my “image” together. Right now my brand is just me a woman posting my music with no cohesive take on it. I just want my presence to flow in a way my audience can connect and grow. 

Q: Do you plan on releasing any projects in 2018?

A: I actually planned to release two projects for 2017 but it didn’t happen. So hopefully if all goes right I can release the project I’ve been working on in 2018 

Q: What are some of your best accomplishments for 2017?

A: Musically there aren’t any accomplishments that I would say were mentionable. I will say I’m proud I keep trying to push through. 

Q: When you’re not working, what do you love to do?

A: Make music

Q: How do you remain focused and accomplish all of your tasks at hand?

A: I don’t have a method. If I’m motivated then it gets done. 

Q: What is your definition of self-love and how do you express it?

A: Self love is waking up not liking yourself too much for the day but still pushing forward. I express myself self love by waking up and being happy I did. 

Q: Where do you see your personal/career life 5-10 years from now?

A:  I use to live in the future a lot. The future for me now is as far as maybe 2 months. If I think too far ahead I get anxiety and then it becomes a race against time. Ive lost a lot of time doing that.  5 to 10 years from now I just wish for continued clarity and guidance through it all

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2018?

A: I hope to just be happy with the content I put out. 

Q: Is there anything you would like the readers to know?

A: Sometimes being realistic doesn’t mean you’re giving up.

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