Marc Bravo, a member of a collective, The Scumbag Boyz (TSB), is a relatively new rapper based out of Bowie, Maryland. Between his recent release, “Black Tape,” music, modeling gigs, and meeting international fans, Bravo is working to make a name for himself in the international music scene.


Q: What background can you give the audience about yourself?

A: I’ve been working seriously for 2-3 years now. In my 2-3 years, I’ve accomplished things such as getting on iTunes, working with talented artists all over the world, making and meeting fans in over 10 countries, landing on WordStarHipHop, and even performing for MMG’s own Fat Trel. I’ve recently began modeling with ACS Modeling Agency so, I’ve been around the block haha. 


Q: What talented artists have you worked with? 

A: Over the years, I’ve worked with Kelow, Sir E.U., Koi, Joey Green, Fame Reek, Skeem or Die, Grand Milly, Soul Khepri, The Hernandez Twins, Blake Grey, Ashley E, and many more. 


Q: What’s it like being a part of a modeling agency? 

A: I literally had one practice, then boom, they put me on the runway the next day. My first fashion show went amazing. I’ve also been doing photoshoots with a lot of locals and have many more to come. 


Q: Nice! So, when did you realize you wanted to pursue music? What were some milestones that led you to where you are today? 

A: I’ve been writing music even since I could remember. Marcus Washington, who now works with MTV, made me get serious with music in 2012. In 2013, I met Zachkary. Zachkary changed my life. He was the only one who matched my intensity. What really opened my eyes was one month after Zach and I put out our first song, we got an email from a powerful man in Australia. Then, it was one country after another. I then knew what I would be doing with my life. 


Q: Is Zach someone you would consider to be a mentor? 

A: He began as my mentor, now we are business partners. We both envy each other. I bring the mellow, he brings the hype. Without him, I’d be a local failure, and without me, he may have been locked up somewhere. We feel as though God put us together to balance each other. 


Q: So, who are the Scumbag Boyz? 

A: The Scumbag Boyz are a group of individual artists who came together to work for one goal, and that is to make an impact on the youth and the world. The term, “Scumbag,” derived from our image. You see the dreads, tattoos, and piercings, and you may think a certain way of us, but once you see what we’re doing and hear our message, your perception will change. You don’t have to look a certain way to make a positive impact. We represent every “scum” in the world who has ideas or talents, but feel they can’t pursue them because they were made fun, or not taken seriously because of their appearance. 


Q: Who are some of your favorite artists/groups? 

A: My favorite artists are Jay Electronica, Curren$y, Earl Sweatshirt, Method Man, Sade, Queen Latifah, Action Bronson, and old Wale. 


Q: Do you have a favorite song?

A: My top two would have to be “Dilemma” by Nelly & Kelly and “One More Chance” by Biggie. I love timeless music. 


Q: Do you have any current or upcoming projects you’re working on? What can you tell us about them? 

A: Yes, this summer, I’ll be taking my team on a  business trip to complete my project elsewhere. I will come back with something undeniable. I’ve been working in silence, and you’ll see why. I have a lot planned. 


Q: Do you have any performances lined up for the summer? 

A: Yeah. I’ll mostly be focusing on this project and modeling, but I’ll have at least four shows a month. Shows are inevitable now. I know we have the DMV Awards Show coming up, and a couple more shows, but we’re still figuring out the rest! 


Q: Where would you like to perform in the future? 

A: I will perform in London, Tokyo, and prisons in the future


I decided to ask Marc a few fun questions to give us some insight on his favorite things.


Q: What’s your favorite food? 

A: My favorite food would have to be bacon. 


Q: If you could invent one thing, what would it be? 

A: I would invent world peace, integration/equality, and support in the DMV. 


Q: What’s your favorite movie/movie genre? 

A: My favorite movie is Gridlock’d and my favorite movie genre is comedy.


Q: Weirdest situation to happen in your life? 

A: The weirdest situation in my life is when Zach and I had sex with the same fan HAHA. 


Q: What is your dream car? 

A: My dream car is a Hyundai Sonata.


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