Aliyah Craddock is a rising model hailing all the way from Richmond, Virginia. Aside from her modeling career, Aliyah is an adventurous soul who uplifts her community through her blog, ALIYAHLESHAE, and attends school at Old Dominion University.

Full Name:  Aliyah Leshae Craddock


Occupation: Model/College student


Star Sign:  Pisces!!!


Where are you from and where do you live now? I am from Richmond, VA, and I currently live in Norfolk, VA.


What are you into? I am into blogging, connecting with people, modeling, sharing stories/experiences, uplifting my community, trying new things, and most importantly ADVENTURE!


What else do you do? Aside from modeling, my day job is just being a college student at Old Dominion University; I major in digital marketing.


What’s important to you? I actually have 2 specific items that are important to me. I wear a necklace everyday with the word “Happiness” in Arabic as a reminder that the small things in life that act as road blocks should not prohibit you from complete happiness and self-love; Happiness is my overall life goal. The second item is my graduation ring. People might go of course that should be important to you, but I have a specific reason why. Throughout my high school career my family was struggling financially, so I thought I would never get graduation pictures or a graduation ring. This use to upset me a lot because I went to a school filled with privileged kids, and I always felt different in status or I just felt out of the loop because there would just be things I couldn’t afford to do. On the day of my graduation, my family took me out to eat, and at the end of dinner my family told me they had a surprise for me. My mom took out the ring, and I was literally in tears; my entire family collectively put together for my graduation ring, and when I noticed it was engraved with my name I literally was crying my eyes out. Until this day I never take off my ring nor my necklace.


Favorite Song? Confidently Lost by Sabrina Claudio


What scares you most? My biggest fear is getting to the later stages of my life and regretting not taking risks or not “living” enough. I don’t want to regret anything in life.


What’s a skill you wish you possessed? I wish I was more of a risk taker, and I wish I wasn’t a procrastinator. Honestly, if I was a risk taker that would be the cherry on the ice-cream sundae for me.


What’s your secret obsession? I love ASIAN CULTURE! I literally watch traditional Japanese dancing on YouTube, and I also learned how to speak an inkling of Japanese. (“I can understand most, but you would have to give me a second to think of words” type of fluidity) I also meditate heavily, and I love to talk about religion specifically Islam, Daoism, and Buddhism.

Favorite books?  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini


Best fashion moment? Definitely the 90’s was the best fashion moment for me. I love 90’s inspired looks.


Favorite Word? Immaculate


What pisses you off? People who slander other people or judge people who they know nothing about. If you are going to make negative comments, save them for your own sanity.


Favorite Brand? Lush Cosmetics—Have you tried their face masks? They are love!


What fictional character do you relate to the most?  


What celebrity do you have a crush on? Lance Gross … bless that man’s soul


What inspires you most? I get inspiration from the world around me, as well as feelings. Like I have a spot on a pier where I just sit and write all my thoughts, and soon I begin to get inspired from just the feeling and the midst of the moment. The simplicity, yet intricacy of the world truly inspires me.


Q: How would you describe the content of your blog?

A: My blog is really simple, yet it focuses on how beautiful and empowering people of minority are whether it be the LGBT community, African American community, Asian community, Muslim community, and etc. I just want everyone to feel empowered and understand that, regardless of society standards, they are beautiful and worth the fight. Also my blog is a representation of me; it’s a hodgepodge of political commentary, inspiring posts, art, and not to mention some pretty funny memes on the internet.


Q: How has this content created a social change for others?

A: I feel like it is creating social change because a lot of people have written to me and even said that I am making them love their skin, heritage, and etc. Although I do take pride in helping transform the way someone feel about themselves, I am even more honored that they decided to make the change and actually love themselves. There are many blogs that are inspiring, but I feel like my blog make you feel while also making you act to take the leap into self-love.


Q: Do you plan to turn your blog into a brand one day? 

A: Hopefully one day, but as of now I am identifying what I really want my overall message to be.


Q: What does Black History Month mean to you? 

A: Black History month is a time to celebrate the heritage of the intellectual and resilient people who provided freedom, and honor to the African American community. Without the trials and tribulations of the many African Americans who fought, aided, and provided for the community, we would not be where we are today. Also Black History Month is a time where the community should focus on how to make progress for the generations to come.


Q: How do you show off your Black Girl Magic?

A:  I show off my black girl magic by showing the world I can do anything that I put my mind to. As an African American woman who grew up in a disadvantaged neighborhood, I never thought I would make the accomplishments I have made. I graduated from the 5th high school in the nation, I am putting myself through college, while maintaining a 3.7GPA, and I am a bomb model and influence. The sky is the limit, and never think your limitations are what society puts in place for you. BREAK THE BARRIERS DOWN!


Q: What are your plans for 2017? 

A: I want to connect with more people, and travel this year. Last year I was pretty stable because I was just starting school, but now I am ready to get out of Virginia. Also I want to advance my blog. I recently hit 10K followers on my blog, and that is exciting, but now I just need to push the envelope. Hopefully this year will be filled with more opportunities to meet people, and to further the path that I am going in.

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