Northside Houston native, Scrap Bundy, is a budding rapper who popped into the game in December 2014, but since has released his debut, eight track mixtape, Out The Gym. I had the chance to discuss his project, his movement, OffTheMuscle, and the history of how music became such a major factor of his life.


Q: What is some background on who you are? 

A: My name is Scrap Bundy and I’m from the Northside of Houston, Texas. I created the movement OffTheMuscle. 


Q: What does this movement, OffTheMuscle, mean to you? How was it created? 

A: Me and my homies were already grinding and doing everything on our own. We knew a lot of rappers in the city with people putting money behind them, so they were able to do things much easier. After a while, our buzz started growing! We have our own producer and camera man. We basically signed ourselves and gave everyone in the crew a job. We eventually started calling ourselves OffTheMuscle/OTM because we were doing what guys on labels or with money invested in them do, but on our own. 


Q: When did music become a part of your life? 

A: At a very young age, my dad used to rap, so music has always been an interest to me. I used to go to the studio with him and record with him and the older guys when I was like 12, but I just started taking music seriously at the end of 2014. 


Q: What was it like watching your dad rap back then? 

A: It was lit! It was just crazy how you can get a beat and actually make a song to it. He would go play his songs at house parties or get togethers and everyone would praise him about it. Funniest moment was when his friends would try to make a song, but it would suck. I already knew, back then, that I could walk in the same footsteps as my dad. That I could make songs and get the same praise that he did. Once I started rapping, people were already interested into what I had to say because, they wanted to see if I was as good as my dad used to be. 


Q: What can you tell us about your recent mixtape release, Out The Gym? 

A: Simple. Best tape out, well, it’s one of the only tapes that could be played from beginning to end with no skips. Out The Gym goes hand in hand with Off The Muscle but, instead of saying I got out the mud, I say I got out the gym. I worked for it. 


Q: How long did it take you to produce this mixtape? Did you have a certain creative process? 

A: I used to go to the studio and make three songs a day, but never release them. My homeboys always told me that I had too many live, unreleased songs, but I’m very picky about what I put out. About a month ago, we agreed to drop a tape over spring break. So, I made myself a two week deadline and recorded 5 songs. After that. I had a listening party and played all my unreleased songs, then I let the people pick the best eight. That’s how my mixtape came about! 


Q: What makes you picky about the songs you release? You should want your audience to hear all of your greatness haha. 

A: I don’t know. I would rap something in my head, then go record it, but sometimes it doesn’t come out how I thought it would. So, I would trash it or I would like a song one day, but get tired of it the next. I’m just a perfectionist. I gotta know that the song is a definite go before I just put out anything. 


Q: What was your favorite song to record for OTG? 

A: I liked recording “That Guy” because, it wasn’t supposed to come out like it did. We were just in the studio playing around and 30 minutes later, it was done! 


Q: As your mixtape continues to grow, do you see yourself going on tour or performing anytime soon? 

A: Yeah, I’m already starting to get booked for shows in the city. I went on tour earlier this year, but I’m definitely looking to headline my own tour later this year, if the opportunity presents itself. 


Q: Do you plan to release any other projects in 2016? 

A: Consistency is everything so, I’ll definitely be dropping another project this year. 


Q: What advice would you give to those who are trying to follow in your footsteps or those who want to enter the music world as well? 

A: Keep going and stay consistent! 


Q: What future goals do you have for yourself, your music, and this movement?

A: Elevation. 


Q: What is something that you would like to say to your fans and supporters? 

A: I fuck with y’all the strong way and I’m rocking with whoever is rocking with me. 


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