New York native, Kidswithsoul, is a 22-year-old vocalist, producer, and newfound guitarist, who recently released his highly anticipated EP, “The Other Me.” The Other Me digs into a deep realm of a personal journey, delivering his adventures through finding self, falling in love, and the aftermath of it all. Stay tuned for this exclusive conversation, and interview, I shared with him.


Q: What is the meaning behind your stage name?

A: Well, for the most part. I had thought about starting a group under the name, but I just decided to do my own thing. I kept it because with “kids” being plural, it gave me the freedom to be whoever I wanted, style wise and production wise. I have multiple talents and personalities,  I come with a lot of different styles and flows. So, that’s where my name come from. 


Q: Where are you from? What do you do?

A: I was born in Manhattan but, when I was 3, moved out to Staten Island. So, I guess you could say that New York is my stomping ground haha. I’m a vocalist, I produce, and I recently started playing the  acoustic guitar. I’ve been playing for about 3 years now, but I don’t incorporate my playing in my shows at the moment. I’m still trying to build my skills. I’m not that comfortable yet. I’ve done covers with the guitar, but no original songs. 


Q: Who are your musical inspirations?

A: Kid Cudi, A Day To Remember, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, John Legend, MGMT, Gorillaz


Q: What inspired you to get into music? What events led to this? 

A: I had always saved up to get CD’s when I was younger. My first CD that I purchased with my own money is, Linkin Park Hybrid Theory. When I got into high school, I had two friends who were a year older than me. They played the guitar, along with other instruments, so, I would just hang with them. I used to like to sing a little bit, even though I was really shy, but they opened me up. So, everything kind of started when I was in HS. 


“Find the you that you don’t express to other people and be at one with yourself”


Q: How would you describe your style of music? 

A: I don’t want to be defined by one genre. I want to be musically diverse.


Q: Did you perform at SXSW? What was the experience like? 

A: Yeah. I went out to Austin for about a week. I performed on March 23rd at a place called, “Stomping Ground.” I opened for Uno the Activist. I was supposed to open up for Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty, but I think one of them didn’t show up. Overall, the experience was amazing. All the days prior to my show were great. I spent most of my time making connections, I met artists like Joey Bada$$ and other Pro Era members at the Fader Fort, where Drake performed, Denzel Curry, Jazz Cartier, and many others. It was great to make connections and vibe with other artists.


Q: What is your purpose for making music? 

A: My purpose is to express the rawness of what everyone thinks. I don’t make music thinking, “Would this play in a club?” or “Are people gonna like this?” It may sound selfish, but this is for me. I’m explaining things that I may have been through in my life like ego trips, depression, or wanting to have fun. Anyone who stays true to themselves will get the message. I try not throw BS into the atmosphere.


Q: I know some musicians have a certain team that they consistently make music with. Do you have a team? 

A: Yeah, I work with Eff.Dope out of Staten Island. They were featured in Complex Magazine and also made record for The Underachievers. I also work with Adothegod, out of Canada. 


Q: What is the story being your EP, The Other Me.

A: It’s something that I started 2 years ago. In the beginning of the project, the first five tracks up until the interlude, talks about being spaced out, lost in life, and trying to find the meaning and purpose of life. The beginning has that feeling of, “I’m better than this….I could be doing better than this.” The project then turns into the end of a love story and it puts you through everything I went through. It’s more of a reminiscence, not in the moment. The last three songs, has the sense of not giving a fuck anymore, being cold-hearted, doing whatever the fuck I want, and nothing else matters. Finally, the end talks about where I’m at right now. I’m feeling good where I’m at and focusing on me more. 


Q: What were your favorite songs to record/produce on this project?

A: Hangman is one of my favorites. To me it was personal because, it discusses what I was going through mentally, something my friends weren’t aware of, but what I wanted them to know as well. It reminds me of what I went through and the progress I have made to right now. My top three songs, including Hangman, are Never Let Me Go and Madness. 


Q: What was your creative process for this project? 

A:  Some songs took me weeks to concept but, in terms of the studio, some songs took ½ hour and some took 2 hours to create and put together. I record most of my stuff in my own home, as well as mix/master my own stuff. When it comes to creating music, I do it in pieces or just off pure adrenaline. I’ve gotten better than when I first started off. What most people don’t know is most of my stuff is freestyled now in terms of singing and rapping. 


Q: What is the message for your audience with this EP? 

A: As much as I wanted this to be for myself, I still wanted to send a message to my audience. To basically find the you that you don’t express to other people and be at one with yourself. I want the message to be, “I feel you too.” 


Q: In the future, where would you like to perform? 

A: I would love to perform at Coachella, Made In America, Odd Future Carnival, and other large music festivals. However, right now I’m focusing on my first headline in New York. I found a plug in to Webster Hall, so I’m planning on making my way into that venue.  I hope doing these shows, I can make it to a festival within the next couple of years.


Q: Are you working on any upcoming projects? 

A: I have a project that’s super in the cut called, Witches and Demons but, that’s going to be about a four to five song project. There’s no release date right now. I have songs in a playlist, but I’m just trying to decide what I want to release. 


Q: Do you have any upcoming tours or performances? 

A: I’ve doing a show or two a week since I’ve been back from SXSW. I perform all over the city and in all five boroughs. On May 28th, I’m headlining at 5050 State Park in Staten Island and on June 26th I’m headlining at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan. My manager and I are thinking about having a performance in Atlanta in September or October. Everyone gets a little nervous performing but I never get tired, its fun.


Q: What are your goals for 2016, yourself, and your music career? 

A: My goals are to focus on building my audience and following. I’m finishing this film that I’m doing, “The Other Me”, that’s going to be scored by all my music. We’re going to be working on the film every month of this year so, it can be ready for 2017 and hopefully we’ll get a large response from it.  I want to change the culture in different ways and create a peaceful culture. I want to be able to travel and help others. There’s a lot going on in the world, I just want to be a part of the movement that will help for the better. Musically, I just want to make GREAT music and be one of the greats. I want to collaborate with others, bring people from the underground and help them be heard and seen. I hope to collaborate with Tyler, The Creator, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Kehlani, MIA, and other alternative artists. 

To wrap up this interview in a fun, positive way, I decided to ask Kidswithsoul some questions about some of his favs.

Favorite Food: I could have any kind of chicken at any time of the day

Favorite Song: Come and See Me: PartyNextDoor/ DVSN: Float With You

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction/ Kill Bil

Favorite TV Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Favorite Meal: Chicken Parmesan

If you could be one serial killer from a movie, who would it be?: Freddy Kruger


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