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Taking the world by storm one inch at a time, Braxton Baker is a 17-year old girl wonder from Richmond, Virginia who allures her followers with her assertive personality. Iconically known for her 8-inch heels and her trendsetting sense of fashion, Baker is a bold and fearless individual when it comes to expressing herself. She has created a reputable brand through social media, her personal site and blog titled “Brax Attacks” which embodies a medium of personal style secrets and interviews with inspirational women of different backgrounds. She has connected this all nicely within her Instagram bio using or a similar tool to allow her to publish more than one link within her Instagram bio, which only normally allows for one link to be displayed within an accounts bio section.

“My blog was created when I decided I wanted to create an website for my personal brand. The blog consists of various fashionistas on social media that I think my followers could be inspired by or could relate to. To reach out to a wider online audience, people such as myself operating in this industry will often employ SEO for fashion strategies to rise up through search engine rankings. I’m big on confidence and I feel a great way for girls to gain confidence is to be able to relate to someone who has it.”

Aside from fashion, Baker is also an avid dancer. She has choreographed many routines and even started her own dance challenge on Instagram titled “#TheStickandMoveChallenge” which vastly became a trending topic. All in all she has an exceptional passion for the arts and utilizes it to her full advantage.

Take a walk with Braxton in our extended interview below as she discusses how she became interested in fashion, who inspires her and her ultimate collaboration.

Q: When did your interest in fashion come about? How did you know fashion is what you wanted to pursue?

A: My interest in fashion came about as soon as I can remember remembering lol. I’ve always been very into what I, personally, liked. If i liked it, I bought it, with the mindset “I can pull this off.” I knew fashion was going to be a big part of my life when I was about 7. I launched a business plan to my mother about starting a brand called “Brax.” The general purpose of my brand was to state things I believed people needed to hear. Two of my first statements that I planted on the t-shirts I designed were “I’m not rich, I’m just blessed” and “Beautiful comes in all sizes.” It’s funny to think that I had my own self-titled website at a young age and the other day, at the age of 17, I went to purchase a domain and was taken. Around the time of starting my first brand, I was literally picking up tasks, dabbing in them for a bit, and dropping them right back down… almost as I do now. Around that age I was looking into designing, I was playing soccer, I wanted to be a professional gymnast for a second, I was jotting down sermons, I was writing songs, I was starting books, I was making my friends learn YouTube videos word-for-word and I would cast them for roles and direct them, I was dancing full-time, I was trying to create my own Suduko puzzles, I was bringing home extra assignments and pretending I was a teacher, I was doing it all. So around age 11 got back into designer mode and asked for a sewing machine for my birthday. I remember first my aunt bought me a pink kids sewing machine. Then for the following Christmas she bought me a real-deal Brother’s sewing machine. Read this Brother CS7000i Review to see why I was excited; they’re the best!

Q: Ideally, what direction would you like to go in, in terms of the fashion industry?

A: Ideally, I would like to be known for my fashion sense- I do not want my main profession to be in fashion industry.

Q: Who are some of your fashion inspirations?

A: Rihanna is THE fashion icon, and besides her there is really no other go-to I have. Kim Kardashian has snatched my edges a few times, also. But mainly, I’ll see random looks on Instagram sometimes and find myself inspired.

Q: Who are some of your role models?

A: Not fashion related, but Beyonce’ is my biggest performing role model. Like “Beyonce wouldn’t stop practicing because her feet hurt, so you can’t stop.” My mother is my biggest character role model. She’s the epitome of compassionate and friendly so I always keep her in mind when it comes to handling people. My sisters are my biggest comparison/ relatable role models. Like “if they got it done… I have no excuse to not get it done.”

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: Fashion means so much to me. It’s not about how people feel when they see my outfits, it’s about how I feel when I look in the mirror. Fashion is fun for me. I enjoy getting dressed. I enjoy playing around with clothing. I enjoy looking at clothing. Of course receiving looks, stares, and compliments is a plus… but that’s never what inspires me when I’m deciding what to wear.

Q: Do you think social media played a role in the creation of your image and brand?

A: Yes, I think social media played a great role. I would still have the same “image” in real life whether I came across social media or not, but I literally love sharing my looks with my followers. I love sharing my thoughts with them. I love sharing my skills with them. Social media made me more comfortable with what I have to offer, and at the same time social media keeps me on my toes to always think of more to bring to the table. My social media allows people to see that not only do I love clothes, but I also love Beyonce’, my family, God, being black, dancing, etc. It allows for me to showcase the opinions and outfits that I’m proud of and it allows people to appreciate it.


QQ: My favorite designer: My favorite designer would have to be Oliver Rousteing.

QQ: In 3 words my style is: In three words my style is sassy, spunky, & at the same time simple.

QQ: I can’t live without: I can’t live without my two sisters and my mom. My family period.

QQ: My greatest achievement: My greatest achievement is something I have yet to achieve. I have nothing in mind, but I’m saying I have to do something that’s like on my bucket list in order for me to mark it as my greatest achievement.

QQ: I’m terrified of: I’m God-fearing only.

QQ: Dream Job: My dream job is a job that allows me to do alllllll of the things I love to do.

QQ: Some things that inspire me: Somethings that inspire me? Seeing my people fall left and right due to the crooked system. That keeps me inspired to push towards the large goals I have. So I can make the impact in the world that I would like to.

QQ: The person I admire the most: The person I admire most currently is my bestfriend Sha’Dia. She is a true warrior and she inspires me to spread love day-in and day-out.

QQ: Top 5 songs on my playlist: Good and Bad- J Moss; Bad Blood- Nao; Have Mercy- Eryn Allen Kane; No Heart- 21 Savage; White Ferrari- Frank Ocean

QQ: My dream collaboration: My dream collaboration would be doing work with Balmain. “Brax x Balmain” It even has a ring to it.

QQ: I’m obsessed with: I’m obsessed with heels. I wear them every single day. I don’t feel like myself when I don’t have them on. Not even touching on the heels I find on the internet that I find myself drooling over. I have books on high heels, I’ve done projects on high heels, I educate others daily on the significance of high heels… I am obsessed, yes.

QQ: Most embarrassing moment: My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I fell out of my chair during a performance battle. Although, I get over situations pretty quickly so I wasn’t embarrassed anymore after about an hour. Beyonce’ has had quite a few mishaps while performing so I never really let anything get me down for long.

QQ: One last thing I’d like to say: I would like to share my two favorite bible verses.

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” James 4:8.

“For with God nothing is impossible.” Luke 1:37.

To keep up with Braxton visit her site Brax Attacks and give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter

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