In a generation full of creativity and independence, Sonnie Moliere, founder/creator of the online publication, theboard, is looking to make an impact on millennials as an entrepreneur and artist. theboard is known as an online magazine based out of L.A. with discussion on topics such as fashion, music, and visual arts. Aside from written content, Moliere consistently collaborates with numerous fashion lines and features their apparel/products on his platform! Though theboard was not always a lifelong dream for Sonnie, it’s obvious the passion he has for the creatives of this generation, the creativity of the magazine, as well as its spark & well-written content, will keep theboard alive!


Q: First off, thank you for wanting to be a part of Freelancer Magazine! For those who aren’t aware, how would you introduce yourself? 

A: I’m Sonny Moliere, Artist, Actor and everything in between. 


Q: Where is home for you? 

A: Provo, Utah. But I was born in Queens, New York


Q: Are you currently in school?

A:Yes, I currently go to AMDA out in L.A.


Q: Have you always had a passion for mass media? Or even wanting to start your own magazine? 

A: No, Not really. It was never anything that I even thought of when I was younger. It was just something that kinda sparked in my head and it grew into what you see now. But plans are for it to grow even larger. However, no I never even thought of it. 


Q: How did you develop the concept for theboard? 

A: I had an idea of a TV show back in March of last year. I pitched the idea to my friend, who told me that it was a great idea, however I would have to build social proof for anyone to take it serious within the industry, if I was going to pitch it to anyone. So for me, to gather social proof, I had to come up with a way to reach out to people. I didn’t know anything about anyone, the only things I knew inside and out were music and fashion. Also, as an artist I realized that once you have everything to start making music, its quite difficult to have a stable platform to promote your music at a infant level. A first step if you will. So I came up with theboard, a way for underground artists to have that first step and also help grow their music. I soon realized how much I loved it and how much it really helped others that I totally dropped the TV show idea and just stuck with promoting and blogging instead.  


Q: What topics does your platform usually discuss? 

A: We talk about everything within music, fashion and visual art. If it is news then we report it. If its an artist or project then we write about it. 


Q: What does theboard mean to you? 

A: theboard is my brand. I couldn’t describe how much of the page means to me. I get such a kick out of showing people new music and inspiring people with new ideas for fashion. So to do it on a scale so large, like the internet, where literally thousands of people are affected by it on a daily basis, is just outstanding. Plus, it gave me a look into the industry I want to work in. Its my brand that I plan on driving to the top. 


Q: When did your platform begin?

A: March of 2016


Q: When did you get the idea to add an apparel store to your magazine? 

A: Around October. I didn’t want my page to be one of those “Yeezy” pages where its just a bunch of music and fashion pages that just retweet each other pictures that are all the same. I figured, If I put musical artist pieces on my website, why not fashion designers and allow them another window to sell their product.  


Q: Where did you get the fashion concepts for your pieces? 

A: We ourselves do not have a fashion line. But anything that in unique and that stands out then we like to promote it! We do have a soft spot for darker fashion brands. 


Q: Could we be expecting more apparel in 2017? 

A: Easily, We have a lot more collabs going to come to fruition. 2017 is going to be a HUGE year of fashion for us! 


Q: Are you the only person running this platform, or do you have a team? 

A: No, I am not. I am the founder and CEO. But I have 2 teams. A team back in Utah. 3 writers. Alyssa Fox, Christopher Yanez and Bergen Hart. And I also a photographer and photo editor out in a different state name Neco. and also a 2 others who plan on joining the team. In that department. Over in LA, I have a modeling team. Christopher Gordon, Del’Shon Bradford, Sarah Watt, and Tati Tovar and currently in talks with adding 2 more people. Another male and female.  


Q: How do you keep your creativity consistent in order to bring in an audience everyday? 

A: We try to always be in our audiences faces, constantly posting daily and keeping them enaged. First to produce news and try to come out with the biggest news. Also our articles, people love and hopefully our look books will have the same affect. 


Q: What plans do you have for ‘the board’ in 2017? 

A: We plan to have our 12 month artists, more featured artists, more submissions. Produce Lookbooks, More collabs with fashion designers to sell their product, Our own merch and to even double both our teams. Also much more, but classified. We do plan to launch a massive music and fashion project by December of this year. 


Q: Were there any setbacks you experienced while building your brand? 

A: In the beginning, I didn’t feel that I had as much support as I thought I would naturally. But over time, My friends and family easily pushed hard and saw that I was really serious about this and got me to where I am now. Also, It was hard to get submissions at first, no one really thought it would be worth it. Another thing is at first we used to keep a chart, for the hottest songs we posted. The posts with the most retweets and favs we would talk about. But no one really felt to buy into that. 


Q: How were you able to overcome these setbacks and grow from them?

A: I figured that I just have to grind and grind until I can make this into something that people need to take seriously


Q: What are some of the best and worst moments of ‘the board’?

A: Some of the best was that It allowed me to speak to artists that I personally listen to and that are in my playlist. Smokepurpp, Lil pump, XXXtenction, etc. To me it was just crazy that I would be listing to these guys in my room and then I would think to myself, “whoa, I was just talking to him just last night..” To me that was crazy. Some of the worst, was just the beginning, knowing that people wouldn’t take it seriously at first. Another worst moment that, from what I could remember, But I could be wrong. But back in the early stages of theboard, D Savage reached out to us. I personally didn’t really buy into it and forget to contact him back. Obviously now. I highly regret that.  


Q: Who are some people who you would like to feature in your magazine?

A: Anyone really. Future starts and Established ones. I want to feature, Travis Scott, Jaden Smith, Yung Lean, Rick Owens, Raf Simmons. Ian Conner, Sarah Synder, The Jenners. Russel Westbrook. Ski Mask the Slump God, Mars90, Unotheactivist, etc. Literally everyone.


Q: What are some of your goals for this magazine? What do you hope to gain from your platform? 

A: I hope to be put into a position that I am a catalyst in your career. I want future artists to think to themselves, “If I want to make it big, I need to get on theboard… I need to impress Sonny. I want to be a launching pad behind the scenes in the industry. Movies, Music, Fashion, Visual art. Etc. 


Q: What are some things the audience can look forward to this year from theboard? 

A: More music, More articles, Lookbooks and the massive project in December 

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