Music is no new concept to growing rapper, Swooli. By way of Port Au Prince, Haiti, Swooli was exposed to music at a very young age. When Swooli was young, he remembers his father being a radio host, his brother playing beats for him and his sister to rap battle to, and his father playing Magic 106.7 on the rides to school. As time progressed, Swooli took his adolescent passion for music and progressed and matured in his craft. By the 8th grade, Swooli’s music career had begun. Today, he is all about getting everyone on that ‘Digital High’ through his music releases. Digital High happens to be the name of Swooli’s upcoming project release, but you can also catch him and Rachel Aiello in their release, Rainy Days.

Rainy Days has gained over 6K listens via Soundcloud and was heard TWICE during a rain delay at Fenway Park during a game.

Needless to say, Swooli is rapidly rising in the music game and his reign will not stop in 2018.

Stay tuned for this feature on this rising rapper.


Q: What is your current occupation?

A: I’m a fulltime student, 1 more semester to go then i’m a free man. I’m a PA at Fenway Park and I DJ for Boston College Basketball sometimes.


Q: What is your full name/stage name?

A: My full name? Just call me Swooli.


Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Sak ap fet to my Zoes. I came to the US when I was like 3 months old.

Q: Where do you currently reside?

A: City of Champions. Boston, MA. Celtics, Red Sox, Pats, Bruins all day.


Q: Has music always been a part of your life?

A: Music has always been a part of my life forever. When I was really young my dad would play Magic 106.7 on the way to school which was Soft Rock and stuff like that but my mom got all the Rap cd’s and other stuff sent to the house. So I was exposed to both sides. Billy Joel, Phil Collins to Outkast, Eminem, Sisqo, 50 Cent, Master P, we even had some Carlos Santana.


Q: Are there any moments in your childhood that resonate with your career today as a musician?

A: I grew up around music. My dad was a radio Host. My brother used to throw on beats and make me rap battle my sister when I was super young and in elementary my folks put me in the school chorus. I think it’s because they didn’t want to take two trips in the morning dropping my sister and I off at school. But yeah I think all that had an impact on who I am today as a musician.


Q: What has been the most challenging part about your music career?

A: Most challenging part for me would be choosing what to release. I mean that in the sense of I could make happy music, sad music, whatever. Sometimes I’m conflicted like should I release sad music if i’m no longer sad? Things like that. Plus i’m my own worst critic so i’m extra hard on myself about getting the music to sound a certain way. I’m working on not getting in my own way with overthinking. It happens.


Q: When did your career with music begin?

A: I officially started recording in a studio in like 8th grade with my brother Kash. I wasn’t getting my music mixed though just because I was so impatient and wanted to just put music out. By the end of 9th grade I was recording at Echo Studio with my guy Robie Rowland. I’ve been recording with him ever since. He’s a beast. Like forreal forreal


Q: What is something different you wish to bring to this generation of music?

A: That wave you could bump w your grandma. That digital high.


Q: Do you have any personal/career goals that relate to ending the disparity in the diversity of the music industry?

A: Aside from making music I want to run my own label. I want to help provide better opportunities for people to be heard.


Q: If you could describe your personality in three words, what would they be?

A: Chill. Funny. Creative


Q: What can you tell us about your singles “Break Down” and “Rainy Days” ?

A: Both are available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services. The artwork for both singles were created by my homie Malik Carter. His instagram is


Q: What were the creative processes behind these songs?

A: Rainy Days just happened. It wasn’t planned at all. I remember that session it was December 30th of 2016. Rachel came through to the studio towards the end of my session. That was the first time we were in the studio together. I wanted her to just see the place. I told my engineer, Robie, that I had got a beat from Pink Fader and we threw it on and I showed them what lyrics I had. I asked Rachel if she liked it she loved it and the song was recorded right on the spot. We started working together since. Can’t wait for y’all to hear what else we’ve got cooked up.


Break Down was produced by my homie XZ. He’s from the UK. He’s someone I work with a lot. But yeah, I was on my way back home from a trip and my bus broke down on the highway. I ended up being one of the last people on the bus so while i was waiting I played the beat and started writing.


Q: What are the messages behind these songs?

A: Rainy Days is just about wanting to dream chase while in a college relationship. Sometimes you have to part ways. Some may want to see rain on your parade but you gotta weather the storm.


The message behind Break Down is life is full of breakdowns. We all go through it. It’s how we pick up the pieces to create something even stronger that makes the journey worth it.


Q: What can you tell us about Rachel Aiello and what was it like to work with her on Rainy Days?

A: I met Rachel at school actually. It was during open mic. I heard her sing and was like woah. We chopped it up and started working. She’s dope, got pipes forreal. She can hit all types of crazy notes. I can’t wait for people to hear what else we’ve got in store. She’s working on her project right now too.


Q: How would you say your sound has progressed in 2017 and what do you plan to do differently in 2018 with your sound?

A: I’ve just continued to just be me, have fun, and fall in love with the process of it all. I can’t reveal any future plans, just going to have to follow me to stay updated.


Q: Do you plan on releasing any projects in 2018?

A: Digital High. Digital High. Digital High.


Q: What are some of your best accomplishments for 2017?

A: Having one of my songs hit over 10k streams was a big accomplishment for me. Another was hearing my song Rainy Days at Fenway Park during a rain delay twice. It was crazy! I was just chillin at work then boom, the DJ plays it and i’m like just like fuck am I tripping right now? Play it cool, play it cool, but on the inside i’m doing flips, cartwheels and shit. I texted my family sooooo fast when it happened. I still can’t believe it. Shout out TJ aka Senator John.


Another was a show I did this summer called “For The Masses” my bro Jake Lewis set it all up. He brought together a bunch of artist from MA and we turned up. He performed, Bodhi Swank, L.A.S.E, Lotus, Dienue, and I performed with Rachel Aiello. It was really dope because we had meetings with the owner. We had multiple rehearsal dates. Like we really planned for it and had a dope turn out. It was an experience to see an idea like that come to life. Forever grateful for that show. Shout out Mr. Patterson of Patterson Creations for giving us a chance.


Q: When you’re not working, what do you love to do?

A: Music. I listen to beats for hours every day. Sometimes I paint too! I’m no picasso but yeah.


Q: How do you remain focused and accomplish all of your tasks at hand?

A: Sometimes it’s easy to lose focus with so much going on but at the end of the day it’s up to me to get it done without excuses. My homie used to tell me excuses don’t make friends.

Q: What is your definition of self-love and how do you express it?

A: Self love is a happy heart. I wake up everyday look in the mirror and remind myself how I great I am, I was made for this. I’m in charge of my mood, I don’t pay any attention to negative energy.


Q: Where do you see your personal/career life 5-10 years from now?

A: I see a lot more music on the way. A lot more shows. I want Grammys. I want to die a great.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2018?

A: I’m trying to go on tour. Drop Digital High and maybe another project(s) =x


Q: Is there anything you would like the readers to know?

A:Boston/Massachusetts has like a thousand 2k flames. There’s so much music coming out of Boston/MA I don’t know if people are ready for the wave. A lot of the sounds are different too! Fuck it let me name some folks, I don’t know everyone so i’m definitely going to forget some names but still. KOD, Stripes III, Clyde Black, Notebook P (Pat Despage), Qwan?, $ean Wire, Bodhi Swank, Jake Lewis, Chase Murphy, Patrick Michel, Boogie Da God, Tony Bodega, Booty Bae, CHI, Blacc Davv, Sonic Selection, Haasan Barclay, Fabzabove, Reem Skully, MyCompiledThoughts, Cave, Rams, TeaMarrr, Dutchy DoBad, Plad Fine$$e, Pistola, I swear I could keep going. As far as the more popular names we’ve got Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, Rosewood Bape, Millyz, Jefe Replay, Caliph, Vintage Lee, Big Leano, Dutch Rebelle, Gio Dee, Avenue. I’m forgetting some names but the city will definitely change that.

Stay cool. Love what you do, do what you love. Thank you for checking me out!


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