As I’ve mentioned previously, social media has allowed us to connect with people from all over the world. One of the first people I got the chance to meet through social media was an upcoming singer from London by the name Taliwhoah. She had just released her first EP entitled Melodies of Madness (which was amazing) and Ihad found my newest kryptonite. Skip to now, two years later, and she’s released an impressive collection of, a number a amazing visuals, and it’s only the beginning. I got the chance to speak with her about Melodies of Madness, her inspirations and what to expect for 2017, read below for full interview.


Q: For the ones who have never heard one of your songs, how would you describe your sound?

A: I would say that my sound is a blend of RnBass and New Wave Jazz/Trap-soul. I know all of these terms are fairly new, but I feel like they pretty much sum up the new sounds of our generation with a heavy influence of the sounds of the 90’s. I’m very experimental with my music tho, so I tend to hop on any sort of genre that resonates with me and the sound I’m trying to convey.


Q: Where do you usually find inspiration for your songs?

A: LIFE. Real life concepts always help me to write. I tend to turn to writing songs when I’m going through something or when someone close to me is going through something and shares it with me. I feel like as long as I’m living I’ll always have something to write/sing about.


Q: Who are your music influences?

A: I’m heavily influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Sade, Etta James, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and all of the greats that paved the way for so many of us artists. I grew up listening to a lot of classical and reggae music also. But in more recent times I’m definitely inspired by artists such as NAO, Sampha, Jai Paul (who sadly hasn’t dropped anything in years but even his early material was way ahead of the masses), Travis Scott, Sango, Mura Masa, Majid Jordan, Katranada, Labrinth, Chance the Rapper, Anderson Paak, Solange, The Internet…..Gosh the list goes on. There are so many great influential artists out there at the moment.

artworks-000161139804-2p9lle-t500x500Q: In late 2014, you released a body of work entitled “Melodies of Madness” what was the inspiration behind the title?

A: Coming into 2014, it was a very hard transitional period for me. I had just come out of a long term relationship, I was suffering from anxiety/depression and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I moved to LA and was in school full time and also working full time 9 to 5 and music wasn’t a serious part of my life. One day I kinda sat with myself and just faced the hard facts that I was kinda just waltzing through life un-enthusiastically, so I made a big decision to move back to London, quit my job, quit school and really devote my time and energy into something I felt was more rewarding; music.

Then came Melodies of Madness. I locked myself in my friend/producer D-Major’s home studio for nights at a time and just poured my heart out on every bit of production he gave me. It was almost like I checked myself into rehab/therapy and the end result was the start of my career. It was refreshing and inspiring.


Q: Were you nervous about how it would be received?

A: I was 110% nervous. No one had ever really heard my music before. I didn’t really know if my sound was acceptable or even something that people would like. I had a lot of self doubt and confidence issues to begin with, but after I made my mind up that I was doing this for me and only me all of the other thoughts kinda vanished. I needed to rid myself of the extra baggage I was carrying in one way or another and I was just happy to have music as my platform to help me do that.


Q: Is there anyone specific you want to work with in the near future?

A: I have such a long list of people I would love to work with, but I think my top four right now would have to be: Sampha, Travis Scott, Labrinth and Bruno Mars. Lol, that’s a bit of a odd mix but those are just from the top of my head right this moment.


Q: Should we be preparing for some music in 2017?

A: Most Definitely. There is so much that I’m working on that I’m really excited about. I’m almost done with my second EP that will be dropping at the end of this year, along with a series of visuals and short films. I’m also working a few new producers and artists that I’m genuinely excited about. So there’s loads more to come from me 🙂


Q: Now, not to be nosy but on social media there are some signs you may be signing to a major label – is there any truth to this?

A: Hahaha, you little spy. But who knows….I’ve been blessed enough to be in the presence of some signed producers and artists and a few things are in the works but nothing that I can speak on just yet. I am still very independent at the moment tho and I think that’s best for me right now. But who knows what the future holds.


Q: Do you think there is an advantage to signing to a major?

A: In my experience in the industry so far, I personally feel that what major labels bring to the table are resources. But if you manage to get the same resources yourself or if you’re able to impact your following the way that major labels can, then you’re gucci. There are a lot of complications with signing and sometimes that can take away from an artist and their creativity, but that being said there are also a lot of hardships with staying independent. It all really depends on what you’re able to negotiate without having to sell yourself short.


** now that we got the hard stuff out of the way, time for fun questions**

 Q: If you had the ability to create a “super-group” with two other singers of today who would they be? Why?

A: Oh this would be fun haha. I think I would love to partner up with Solange & NAO. I think us three together would do something the world has never ever heard before. Both of these lovely ladies are so eclectic and have some major super powers. The messages they convey in their music always hit home for me.


Q: Out of all the songs you’ve released so far, which are your top 3? Why?

A: Mmm I think so far it would have to be a track on my EP (melodies of madness) titled Numb. Numb was one of the first songs I recorded that was a straight freestyle from the heart on a day when I had really gone through some real raw things. The words and the song structure just flowed out of me with ease, nothing was forced and it was very real for me. My next two would probably have to be Lost in the Sauce and FUNK. Both of these tracks were produced by the same producer (Spacey Blak) and I enjoyed writing and co producing them. I got to be very vocal about what I wanted each track to sound like and they came out exactly how I envisioned.


Q: Do you have a name for your supporters? If you do, what do you call them?

A: MY WHOAHS! haha. Thanks Drake.


Q: What are your top 5 favorite songs of 2016 (so far)?

A: NAO – “Bad blood” //  Bobii Lewis – “Day by Day”.

Sango – “Eu Te Devoro”// Ramriddlz – “Bodmon” // Kadiata – “onda”.


Q: Have you performed live yet? If so, were you nervous?

A: I did a ton of open mic shows and live performances in London shortly after I dropped “Melodies of Madness” and I was quite nervous to begin with. But after doing a few back to back and after I started seeing familiar faces in the audiences of my shows I grew more and more comfortable being on stage. I actually love performing. Its exhilarating and I feel at home.


Q: Anything you want to tell your supporters out there?!

A: I love you all so much. Thank you for allowing me to be me through my music and accepting me. Thank you for the support and thank you for growing with me and being patient with my progress. Im going to keep the real coming.

xoxo. Much Love.

For more information follow Taliwhoah on Instagram & Twitter

To listen to Melodies of Madness click here.

To hear her newest song Fast FWD click here.

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