DarrionDaDon is a R&B artist/ songwriter who resides in Dallas, Texas. While working on his upcoming EP Don Julio, Darrion continues to make himself known in the music industry as an independent artist by bringing back some that 90s smooth R&B and hip hop vibe that the music industry has been missing.


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“I’m a strong believer in God, and I’m keeping him first in my life with this music stuff.”



Q: So, where are you from originally?

A: I’m from Chicago, Illinois. Not Chiraq, I’m from Chillionis, that what I stand for, chilling (lol).



Q: What made you switch from the name DJ to DarrionDaDon?

A: Honestly, DJ was my childhood nickname and everyone knew me as DJ, I didn’t really like to be called DJ, but I let people call me that because everyone would always get my name wrong. Like Darrion was so hard to pronounce to everyone, so I was just like call me DJ. I got the idea from a co-worker, we were actually at work, and he looked at me as a cool cat so he just started calling me DarrrionDaDon. I never really paid attention to it until I quit the job. It really fits me, who I am, my character. And it pushed me to do more experienced things with that name. DJ was getting old to me, I wanted to be more mature. As I matured, I wanted something more mature, so DarrionDaDon sounds perfect, and that’s what I’m sticking to.



Q: How many songs are on your EPs?

A: I didn’t really go over 7 songs, a couple has 7, a couple has 6, and a couple 5.  I have mixtapes on Datpiff and that was before I started singing, I used to just rap. It was before I started singing, I always sang, but I was just shy at first to record my music, because I really didn’t know how to. But after I developed myself as an artist, you know now that I have gotten back into R&B and I’m kinda riding that lane, but I still have my old music, if people did their soul searching, they would find that I have a lot of music.



Q: What are the names of your 5 EPs?

A: My first one was Forever 21, specifically for the girls, its R&B and hip hop all in one. I kinda made a new genre of music, it’s called love and hip hop. Everyone knows the show, but pretty much what this music is, it’s pretty much rapping and singing. This is what I am, this is the kind of person I am. Everyone does it, but I just want to capitalize off it. My second one is To Bad So Sad, everyone was like ohh you spelled that wrong, actually no I didn’t, reason why I spelled it like that, this EP is to bad people and is just so sad. It reflects my differences on subject matters. The next EP is Empathy. The whole EP was just my feelings for other people, it was good vibe and good energy. That’s the people’s music. I wanted to be something everyone can relate to. The next EP was Mi Amor (My Love). It was just love and R&B music, using falsetto vocals and different arrangement of music. The most recent EP was Forever Double Deuce, it’s a sequel to Forever Twenty-One, that mixtape it had an array of songs that blended with Forever 21 but with an approach of a story, using South Central the movie, scenes to make my mixtape fuller. But it’s still R&B and hip hop. I have another mixtape coming out soon called Don Julio, which is actually a mob gangster musical EP, it’s not really like that trap shit. It’s me telling stories about me being a don, just bringing back mob stories. I have a couple of people featured for it.



Q: When do you plan on releasing Don Julio?

A: Hopefully I can drop it before June.



Q: What year did you get into singing and rapping?

A: I started rapping when I was 12 and I started really recording my singing when I got out of high school, I’ve been singing since I was 3. That was me getting picked on by the neighborhood kids, but when I noticed that the women liked it, I really didn’t care anymore.



Q: What do think the people will get from your music?

A: Honestly, all of my music is just positive, positive energy. Women love my music; they love a man that expresses their feelings. Women will get love, but for the men, I put out hip hop but they really mess with my style because it’s different. I speak poetry, positive energy, I don’t want people to feel negative. My music is like when you come home late at night, or from school and you want something you can relax to. It’s just chill music, that’s where Chillinois came from. Chillinois is chill music, it’s a mediator for all of the music that’s made in Chicago.



Q: So since I like Chillinois so much, have you ever thought about naming an EP Chillinois?

A: It’s specifically rapping on it, when I was DJ. Chillinois 2 is done, but I haven’t dropped it yet.



Q: Who are your influences in music?

A: God is number one in my life. Musiq Soulchild is one of biggest influences. I used to listen to Usher when I was little. Andre 3000, Chris Brown, Joe, Maxwell, Prince rest his soul. Pretty much all of them are influences.



Q: So it’s like you’re taking us back to the 90s?

A: Oh yeah, I’m a 90s baby too, so yall got to expect a lot of it. I listen to the oldies radio station and slow music. I get a lot of my inspiration from old music. It helps me with a lot of my R&B, I just want to make my message a little stronger.



Q: What was the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in life to make music?

A: There’s a lot. Just struggles and trials, I don’t want to say I started music from negative impacts, but certain songs come from certain situations. My grandmother died and I remember I was 4 and I wanted to be in the choir. In order to be in the choir with my grandmother I had to be baptized and my father baptized me and the same day I got baptized, I was in the choir, I was ready. I would say my grandmother influenced me to be a R&B singer, or a signer in general. I never really thought about it until then.

I’m a strong believer in God, and I’m keeping him first in my life with this music stuff. Just to always be positive. I want to make music that is to represent the person I am, yeah I sing about sex but most of the time my music tells a story about a love situation or a positive situation.


Q: What is the latest song people can look forward to listening to?

A: The song is called Living Single inspired by Queen Latifah. The song is actually out on my YouTube, it’s about 1:25 but it’s very informational. It gives an insight on the things that people do in order to get you. They do so much to get you and when they get you everything goes down the drain.


Q: What social media accounts can people follow you on?

A: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine: DarrionDaDon_


Listen to DarrionDaDon’s latest work here:


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