The 3400 Savage himself has been making a buzz around Atlanta for couple years now along with his counterparts Playboi Carti and UnoTheActivist. Although he doesn’t have the commercial hits and success like his “brothers,” Fauni has the underground scene in his pocket. He started in 2014 with Uno and Carti; he and Uno dropped the mixtape For Christ Sake which amassed hundreds of thousands of plays on each song. The tape contains the hits “Throwed” and “Parking Lot Pinpin,” which each received a million plays. From there they all share songs with each other including “Splur Gang” and “Every Since,” and more recently “Still Kickin/On Go,” “View,” and “Facts.” Since he started rapping Fauni has not dropped a solo project. He has tons of loose songs floating around the internet, similar to Carti. Frequent collaborators (besides Uno and Carti) include: Mar 90s, D Savage, Famous Dex, Swaghollywood and others.

Fauni is similar to Carti and Uno but different in his own respect. They all bring a very distinct vibe that’s enjoyable but don’t test any of them, and Fauni might be the one to watch out the most for.

He’s definitely the lyricist of the three, chocked full of quotable lines.

“Say it don’t spray it good gracious”

“I fused a clip with a 40, Darth Vader red beam”

“I’m like Batman but my life Bane mane”

“Pussy boy don’t aim to kill, nigga you aim to please”

“Boy you such a yes man all you know is yuh”

These are some my favorites but there are plenty more. Fauni’s lyrics are what set him apart from new rappers today; they’re his bread and butter. The combination of his lyrics with his flow and style are hard to compete with. The way he tells his struggle of growing up in Atlanta and Chattanooga is motivational. Fauni went out there in the streets and got it for himself.  While some rappers are forcing their style or biting other style, he stays true to himself. He’s definitely one of the realest out right now. He’s found his niche in the new wave of rap and he’s about to run with it.

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