In this gifted generation, aspiring musicians and rappers are rapidly growing each day, with one common end goal, success. This success does not have to be measured by fame or wealth, rather success can be measured by the impact and influence a musician/rapper leaves on their audience. In the case of Brayon Potillo, a Texas native with a heart and passion for music, he was determined to use his gifts: singing, music production, photography, and graphic design, to build a brand, Vertical Sounds, and impact his audience, by helping others elevate musically. A recurrent hot button topic, today, is the debate between being an independent vs. a major label artist.  Artists such as Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, and Rae Sremmurd, strive to bring attention to the success and benefits of being an independent artist. Vertical Sounds comes with the mission to allow artists to be creatively liberated, so they can grow into successful artists, all while remaining independent. 

In connection to Vertical Sounds, Potillo and his team have created a campaign known as, NoMore360Deals, with the intentions of eradicating the middle men of the Music Industry, in relation to artists, by raising money. 360 Deals are known as business relationships between an artist and the music company, where the company can provide financial help and support in areas that may ensure the artist’s growth, in return for an increased profit based on stream sales, performances, etc. 

Evidently, Brayon Potillo has passion, drive, and a purpose that will undoubtedly help him, and others, blossom to their full potential. 



FM: How long has music been a part of your life? 

BP: Music has always been apart of my life every since I was young and in the church. My mother would always make me sing, but I loved to sing. I loved the reactions I would get on Sunday morning when I stepped on stage and people would show me love, because of my voice. I didn’t get exposed to rap till I was in the 6th grade and I remember when my mom showed me Lil Wayne Dr Carter and I was so amazed at what he was doing.


FM: How would you say your passion for music has progressed since you first started? 

BP: My passion for music has grown tremendously in ways that a lot of people don’t understand or won’t understand, because where I am now I want to do more than just acquire a quick buck. I have people who look to me crazy and I remain ambitious and passionate for the sake of myself, my family, and my friends. This is my life. This was my first love. This is what I’m good at and where I’ll never stop growing. I want to change the world.


FM: What is the nature of your work within the music industry? 

BP: The nature of my work in the music industry is intricate and defining. When I work with people, I want our work to be defining and different. I try to stray away from sounding like a certain person, but I try to cultivate a sound.


FM: Aside from music, is there anything else that you do? 

BP: Yes, I just became fascinated in Graphics & Design as well as photography. I became interested in those things, because I realized I think beyond the box and anything sharp and colorful catches my eye.


FM: Are you currently a student? If so, where and what are you studying? 

BP: Yes, I currently attend the University of North Texas. I’m studying Economics, Business, and Public Relations.


FM: How long has production been a part of your life?

BP: Production has been a part of my life since the 11th grade for about 7 years now. I remember that day. My homie beat me in a rap battle. He actually cheated me by using a GZA verse, but soon after he put me on to making beats and I loved it.


FM: What is your favorite piece of equipment to use? 

BP: My favorite piece of equipment is this plugin called Trilian. It’s my favorite bass plugin. I use it for everything.

FM: What was/is the most challenging part of producing? 

BP: The most challenging part of producing would definitely be mixing and challenging yourself to elevate. It gets hard when you are in school and you want to sit and take your time, but you can’t.


FM: What is the backstory behind the creation of Vertical Sounds? 

BP: Vertical Sounds became an idea in my head about 3 years ago. I was broke and had no job. I was sitting in my room literally starving waiting to get hired at the job I work at now and I was with my friend Jay at the time thinking about how could we elevate ourselves musically. I thought bro we need to come up with an imprint of some kind and thats where it came from.


FM: Where did the idea for the name of this company come from? 

BP: The idea came from the movement and growth of this industry. Today, we are moving in an independent route and pace and I wanted to be able to supply my friends with support at a stronger point. Thats why Vertical isn’t a label. I don’t want artists signed to me and if they were I would let them own themselves. I just want us to support each other.


FM: What is the mission behind Vertical Sounds? 

BP: The mission is that we want to allow artists creative freedom, which will allow them to have creative excellence and grow into award winning artists. 


FM: What personal experiences can you relate to the creation of Vertical Sounds? 

BP: Creating Vertical is like standing over cliff seeing something and just JUMPING.


FM: What is your personal opinion on going independent versus having a major recording contract deal? 

BP: I like the whole idea of being independent against a major, because I would feel like I did this on my my own and I wouldn’t feel controlled; however, if the deal is right and your papers don’t require you to give an arm and leg take it.  


FM: Tell us about your campaign NoMore360Deals? 

BP: The campaign NoMore360Deals was a campaign I started which serves to raise money for my team and I to completely eliminate and eradicate the middle men of the music industry (Record Labels and Blogs). Typically, I feel through these deals artists are developed; however, I believe they are processed. They are only slight transactions.


FM: What is a 360 deal? 

BP: A 360 deal is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company. The company agrees to provide financial and other support for the artist, including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring and other areas. In turn, the artist agrees to give the company a percentage of an increased number of their revenue streams, often including sales of recorded music, live performances, publishing and more.


FM: How is the fundraising going so far and what goals do you guys have for 2017? 

BP: Ehhhh it isn’t really moving, because I feel that people don’t believe in us. Of course, you have people who are your friends and family, but that can only go so far and I feel that people’s support is very limited nowadays. Of course, you have people who feel that what you are doing is annoying but, their favorite artists can do the exact same and it would be fine. At the end of it all, I turn my head towards the Lord. We gone be alright! I love each and every person regardless of how they feel. 2017 is the year to keep putting out music and keep leveling up. I have a lot of great things coming. Videos perhaps? Album perhaps? Wait and see cause we never quit. Here is the link to the campaign:


FM: What are some challenges artists can face, deciding between an independent deal and a 360 deal? 

BP: They often face the challenge of self doubt so they will take the label route and not fully believe in themselves or they are afraid.


FM: What advice would you give to those who are battling between the two? 

BP: LEGACY and INFLUENCE is what matters. YOU can do it if YOU think you can.

FM: Who are some of the rising talents you are currently helping? 

BP:  I’ve been helping out my brother Jack Vance. Check out Drunk Dante from us: 

FM: Do you guys have any major events coming up? 

BP: Yes we will be releasing some sort of visual of something soon and another single as well.


FM: Is there anything you would like to tell your supporters? 

BP: Thank you to everyone who believes in me. Also check out the site and participate in the campaign.


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