img_5478I am Jared Holley. I am not your typical human, mainly because the things that I want to do most people don’t even give thought to. I am weird and very abstract so don’t try to figure me out, you’ll hurt your mind as a result. I love to inspire people in any way I can. Mainly I do it through my appearance, I try to be very versatile in my style. It is somewhere between Jaden Smith and Tyler The Creator or even Kanye West. I don’t like the world that I live in so I am innovating and producing things that will make the earth safer and easier for life to live. I do a lot of stuff and I want to do a lot, like I make music, I model, I play sports, I make art, I write poetry, I’m very into quantum physics. I even have my own language. I don’t want to bore you so I’ll stop there lol. Concluding, I am a person with many ambitions, and I plan on achieving them all. I hope I can be a inspiration for you to find yourself and embrace it the best way you know how. 

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img_5485Full Name: Jared Damarcus Holley

Occupation: YouTuber

Star Sign: Aquarius

 Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from Houston, Texas and I live there now.

 What are you into?

I am into everything to be honest, but mainly fashion and quantum physics. I have some pretty abstract and peculiar thoughts on life and reality period. Some may throw you for a loop but its very interesting.

 What else do you do?

I play all sports and I am a photographer in the making.

 img_5492What’s important to you?

Teaching others or paving a path for others to be themselves through their clothing or even just is in life is important to me. Like it matters to me that people wear what they want to wear without the fear of being judged. I want people to wear their clothes because they like it, not because they are trying to fit in or be accepted, basically not caring what others think.

 Favorite Song?

Jaden Smith – LABOR V2

 What scares you most?

Not being able to complete all of my ambitions or goals.

 What’s a skill you wish you possessed?

I wish I would block out all other humans.

 img_4631What’s your secret obsession?

Quantum Physics, and Galileo and Isaac Newton

 Favorite books? 

The System Of The World – Isaac Newton

 Best fashion moment?

When I decided, I don’t care what people think. I’m going to wear what I want to wear for me.

 Favorite Word?


img_5488What pisses you off?

People touching me, with no reason like why are you touching me.

 Favorite Brand?


 What fictional character do you relate to the most?

Marcus “ Dizzee “ Kipling

 What celebrity do you have a crush on?


 What inspires you most?

Jaden Smith and his views and philosophy on things.


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