15Hailing from the notorious DMV, Hannibal is a Baltimore-bred musician with an ear for changing the standards on the rap industry. By incorporating styles of House and EDM music, Hannibal is rapidly gaining attention for his eccentric moves into transforming the conformity of the rap industry. From the beginning of his love for music, through his musical hiatus, and his current growth, Hannibal discusses the depth of his journey and how it’s molded him into the musician he is today.


Q: How was your trip to New York? 

A: When I was in New York, I got this feeling of, when you go to another place you’re overwhelmed, almost like star struck by how different it is from where you are from. I’m from Baltimore, so Baltimore is just what I’m used to. When I went to NYC, the first thing that struck me was the amount people in the streets. It’s amazing to see the different types of people, each with a driven purpose.  I initially went up there to do some photo-shoots. I met with the photographer and his crew of people, who actually work for Supreme so, that was cool. It was just cool experience and I met some amazing people


Q: Did you have a theme for your photoshoot?

A: Nah, it was more so to link with the guys up there and just to get some natural shots in the city. We ended up doing the photoshoot by VFILEs in SoHo. 


Q: Will you work with Supreme again?

A: I would love to work with them again, but at the moment, I’m not sure.  


Q: When did you know that you were destined to do music?

A: 2013 is when I decided music is what I’m going to do with my life.



shot1Q: Did anything in your life happen around that made you want to do music or was it something that came to you?

A: Nah. I took a break from music in 2013, if that makes sense. I was doing it prior but, then I had management issues and I ruined it with like my ego. I was so full of myself at that time. I was cocky and arrogant. In a way I didn’t even think I was going to get that way. Eventually, I lost something important to me. That’s when I told myself I really need to sit back and assess what I’ve been doing wrong up to this point.  So, in 2013, I took a break from music and I came back in 2016 and I started taking it l 100% seriously.



Q: In that 3-year hiatus, you took some time to re-evaluate yourself so, when you came back everything would be straight?

A: Yes, I really just dropped some bad habits and refocused myself


Q: Do you have any music inspirations?

A: My favorite artists are André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky – I like everyone in the A$AP Mob. I like Jay-Z, Nas, people of that nature. That’s where my inspiration come from.


Q: What was your first CD or hearing your first song?

A: My first CD that I ever bought was Usher’s Confessions, but it was a mixtape. I just loved how it made me feel. When I played it, it seemed like movie. I’m listening to the music, but I can envision what was going on. Even being 9 or 10, I could feel everything he was saying. It was so cool and like a new level. It wasn’t even just like music it was more.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

A: On a festival stage somewhere hopefully out of the US, inspiring the next generation of artists.


30Q: Being from Baltimore how do you think your music will be different from others in the DMV?

A: The majority of artists that are big in Baltimore are either doing trap music, street gang music or the new wave music. So I think that the the biggest obstacle for me will be people understanding what I’m doing. I know it’s going to be hard for people and I have to get more people to like this type of music. When people listen to my music, they’ll say it’s dope but, ask me to put on someone else on. I also do like House music which is big in Baltimore.



Q: What do you hope to bring to this generation of music?

A: Hope to shed light on new aspects of rap. Many newer cats are taking advantage of the lack of skill in rap and almost disrespecting the culture we grew up in. I rather challenge and push myself to do something crazy with music, with it still being regular and laid back.


Q: Have you done any performances or tours lately?

A: No. I just want to focus on getting this next song out, possibly another one, and a video, I’ll start doing shows. I want to give people more music before I start. I don’t deserve a show right now. I want to earn that.


Q: Are your upcoming singles under wraps or can you share with your fans what we could expect?

A: I working on a big project that I’m very excited about. I don’t want to say too much. I’m working with a couple of big producers, which is pretty exciting too.


Q: So do you plan on releasing any new projects or just singles for right now?

A: Right now, probably just singles. Maybe a couple feature songs because, I have too many mixtapes out. I feel like I have to earn that again. I have to earn people’s respect.



_MSP6175-(ZF-0631-54271-1-041)Q: What would you say are the meanings behind 64 and coach bags?

A: You know, “cruising down the street in my 6-4.” It’s a sensual song. The 6-4 has the hydraulics moving up and down. It’s a story about how I was at a party, I saw a girl and I liked the way that I saw her dancing. I just felt like it reminded me that of a car. It was just a vibe. Like Usher’s Confessions, you could feel what was going on in this song, just from hearing. That’s what 6-4 was all about.

As far as Coach Bags go. Coach bags was like just a theme I had in my head, like some like…pimpish type of thing. We were kind of like playing. I had a couple lady friends who were featured on the song with me. They helped me out. One of the girls was like, “why don’t I pretend like I owe you some money and you holding my money.” It was just a concept. Nothing too crazy. Just talking about coach bags.



Q: Who helped you produce those pieces?

A: 6-4 was produced by DJ Sir Crooks. He’s from Texas. I reached out to him last year and I was like, “Bruh, I really want to do something new,” because I’ve seen his mixes on Soundcloud and it is so good. You listen to his music; you’re going to get addicted. I heard it on Soundcloud, the beat, and it was history from there. Just rapped over it with a concept.


Q: So do you usually write your own music or do you have people help you?

A: I 100% write everything I do. I like to freestyle, but I’m not going to lie, I write everything I do. I don’t like to freestyle.


shot2Q: Do you have a creative process? Or does it just flow?

A: Its just contingent upon what the mood is, what the beat is, or where I’m at. Usually it just flows out of me, if I feel it. Then, I’ll just try to make it constructively make sense. That’s how that goes.


Q: Who would you like to record with one day?

A: I want to record with artists like Young Thug and Vince Staples.



Q: Who would you want to perform with or tour with?

A: Probably my friends. I have a homie who does music, his name is Johnson Huxtable. We’ve known each other since 2010/2011 and we’ve been doing music together. I think that’s the only person I can see myself doing something big with at this point because, I don’t know who else I would match with.


26Q: Do you have a formal meaning behind your name?

A: Well, little do you know that’s my real name. My real God given name. I’ve always been teased people. They would say, “Oh you’re Hannibal you’re a cannibal.” I’m trying to change the meaning so that people associate the name with the movie but, you associate it with the music.



Q: So what would you say is in the future for your music, yourself, and your career?

A: Just bigger each time – each song, each month you’re going to see bigger things from me. I’m probably going to, in the fall, do shows and I want to do some big shows. Ultimately, my goal is to get into a couple of festivals and who knows. Only god knows from there.




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