lucki-freewave7Formerly known as Lucki Eck$, rapper Lucki from Chicago has been quietly carving out his lane in underground rap. I first discovered him in 2015 on the track “Phone Sex” by Florida rapper Robb Bank$, but he’s been in the field for much longer. At 16 he dropped out of high school to pursue music full time and a year later he gained national attention for his debut mixtape Alternative Trap. He received praise from multiple blogs including Hypetrak, Pitchfork, and Pigeons and Planes. His next project titled Body High, similarly to his first, contains heavy production from his close friend Plu2o Nash as well as production from Hytman, Nate Fox, Hippie Dream and others. In 2015 he released his third mixtape X with a blissful collaboration from Chance the Rapper on the track “Stevie Wonder.” Shortly after in October he released his first EP Freewave. The 10 track EP contains 10 freestyles produced by DJ Sawbuck and K Swisha from Private Club Records and a feature on Playboi Carti’s “Saucin.” This year Lucki dropped his second and third EPs Son of Sam featuring Da$h and A$AP Ant and Freewave 2. Both are relatively short projects being 7 and 11 songs long.

picture-9While the content of Lucki’s music (money, drugs, women, clothes) is similar to other upcoming rappers in this new wave, the manner in which he describes his dealings with each is unique. His style and approach to music in general is unique. In the new wave of positivity and feel good music Lucki is exactly the opposite. His rhymes are fairly dark as he explains situations he’s been in and talks about his day to day functions. He typically mumbles along to the beat in and ominous tone. The song “Dirty Demons,” is a perfect example. The first few lines read, “Dirty nigga, dirty demons they wit me/ take a picture, check the background you’ll see/ no ballistics I’m doin the damn work/ the only way spot me bloody ‘preme shirt.” Clearly Lucki does not wish to conform to everyone else dropping music right now. His self-proclaimed sub-genre Alternative Trap is the perfect description. His music contains themes from alternative rock; he incorporates them into his rhymes, and raps over beats with a trap/trill feel. At some point in his life he’s been demonized and shows in his raps. Other dark themes include Xanax dependency, loneliness, robbing, and living the fast life.

In the last few months of and 2016 and into 2017, be on the lookout for a big break from Lucki. After turning 20 earlier this year, he’s become more responsible and has new music on the way featuring Playboi Carti, some of A$AP Mob, and Dash Boys. Check out his Lyrical Lemonade interview below as he explains a number of topics concerning his music and personal life.

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