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With the release of his latest installment, Monsta in the Attic III , The Teeta is coming for everything he deserves in 2017. The Teeta is an artist I’ve been watching closely through Twitter and SoundCloud and his latest release has made me a fan. The Teeta is a part of the artist collective, Next Gang  and I got the chance to speak with the up and coming rapper on who he is, his latest project,  and his plans going forward in 2017.

Who are you?
The Teeta: The Teeta.
The Teeta. What’s up? What are you doing right now?
The Teeta: I just got ready for a show. I go on an like a hour or two.
Where are you from?
The Teeta: I’m from Austin Texas.
When did you first get into making music?
The Teeta: In 2007 when I was in high school.
What made u get into music?
The Teeta: I had always considered myself a rapper. I had never recorded anything, I just freestyled. Then one day I was driving and the Universe or God or somebody delivered it on me. I went to the studio that day and I been rapping ever since.
What does The Teeta mean?
The Teeta: A play on words. My initials are T.T.A and my bro used to called me Teeta. I used to go by T.A and I didn’t see no other people with this name which is why I started to go by this because people were already going by my real name.
What is Nextgang?
The Teeta: It’s a movement about unity and progression. It includes photographers, rappers, designers, and all kind of creatives.
What is Monsta in the Attic 3 about?
The Teeta: It’s a Continuation of the Monsta in the Attics saga. Its about the hidden potential in an artist. During the time I was making this I felt like I was being overlooked and underappreciated.
So it’s an underdog project?
The Teeta: Yeah definitely.
Who are some of your biggest influences?
The Teeta: Wayne, Micheal Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee, Master P and that’s pretty much it.
If you could work with anyone right now, who would it be?
The Teeta: I wanna work with everyone.
How often do you find yourself creating?
The Teeta: Every single day of the year. I literally record every day.
When can we expect another project?
The Teeta: I got over 100 songs that are unreleased. I just kind of go with the vibe. I got a song for every season and every feeling.
What are you looking forward to in 2017?
The Teeta: Getting a lot of money more recognition, infiltrating the game and taking over the game. I see team next being a staple in the game.
Will we be seeing you at South by since your from Austin?
The Teeta: Yeah Definitely. I’m going to be all out there.
Message to your fans?
The Teeta: Stay tuned . That’s all I really want them to do is stay tuned and continue to share and contribute to Nextgang culture.


Monsta in the Attic III features eight songs that brings The Teeta’s determination and lyricism to light. Producers on this tape include ALX, SixTwoSix, Worldwide, and Malonthebeat.

My Favorite Tracks off the album:

Sayonara: The production on this song is wavy as fuck. The end.

Twin Flames: Twin Flames is the love song you can vibe too. You can even catch The Teeta singing on this track.

Pressure: This song goes in, hence the name Pressure. The Teeta alongside Swagga P come hard on this song. Applying pressure all 2017.

Listen to Monsta in the Attic 3 below.



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