Humility, genuineness, and and a bubbly spirit, are three words I would use to describe Amber Baldwin, also known as DJ Sunny Fashawn. Born May 20th, 1995 on the west side of Chicago, Fashawn was surrounded by music growing up. Not only was it a part of her daily life, but her father played a major role in her love for music and DJing. For seven years, Fashawn’s father went by the name DJ Bishop Black. With such an active career, Fashawn’s parents made sure she had an active childhood while growing up in Chicago.

” Being in Chicago, there’s a lot to do. My parents constantly kept me active as a kid. I took karate and gymnastics lessons and I did ballet and modeling. “

It wasn’t until third grade, when Sunny attended Bethune Elementary school, that she discovered her true passion for music. In grade school, it was mandatory to choose an elective and Sunny chose music class, where she would learn to play the violin and grow a new love for music. Sadly, Sunny’s run with the violin was short-lived.

” I’ve always been a glamour girl, and so my nails were always done, and they grow out naturally long and strong. In order to play the violin, you must have short nails. It wasn’t my thing.”



Despite the odds, Sunny Fashawn moved to Broward County, Florida and blossomed into a successful DJ, model, and artist manager. When she’s not DJing, Fashawn does high-end, runway, and fitness modeling, as well as manage Elvis Murry, a Broward County musician.

On March 4th, DJ Sunny Fashawn released her mix, PLAYBOYSUNNY VOL. 1, featuring some of the latest underground hip-hop music.

Q: Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of this segment! For those who may not know you, how would you introduce yourself?

A: My name is SunnyFashawn (sunny fa – shon); Underground DJ & aspiring model located in South Florida.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Born- West Side of Chicago (Austin), Moved to Broward 2001

Q: When did your DJ career start? 

A: My DJ career officially started on November 19th. WYSR & Myself threw Elvis an Private Release Party. Which was a total success! I made a party mix which was officially done 1 hr after the party started, my producer (@AyeHills) who also lived in my high rise was the person who helped me mix and master the project. So we were waiting on him just for awhile, but it was all a surprise for the release party. You can find the music on SoundCloud at DJ$UNNYFASHAWN, it’s an EXKLUSIVE. 

Q: Has music always been an important part of your life? 

A: Music has always had major impact on my life. It got me through grade school, work days, gym sessions, meditation treatments, etc.

Q: What has been the most challenging part of your DJ career? 

A: The most challenging part of my DJ career is believing I’m going to complete a mix.. and picking a date for it. Usually when the mix is done, I listen to it in a car, so I can hear the bass right, and feel the vibe when I’m riding around but usually, I end up not dropping the mix. I edit more to it, hear again, and then release it. Levels to this.

Q: With the DJ industry being heavily male-driven, what diversity do you hope to bring to the DJ scene? 

A: Glad this question was asked! That’s my biggest challenge to myself. I’d like to show the world that music, or DJ’ing, can be done by a female too! Women are just as talented as men! I’d like to embrace confidence and motivation to young women out here who are interested in becoming a DJ.

Q: Where was your first DJ gig? 

A: My apartment in Miami. It was my first party, and a private Release party. We had more networking in the house than a regular party! Then it turned into what it needed to be! That Murry Baby Project!

Q: Where do you see the future of your DJ career? 

A: I see my future blowing up; especially with me being a female DJ. I’m striving for events like Rolling Loud, Ultra, The Void Miami, 3 Points & Opening Ceremony. Full throttle. 

Q: When did you start modeling? 

A: I started modeling when I was 9 years old. My mother was a model so it kinda ran in my family.

Q: What style of modeling do you do? 

A: Urban Street, High End Fashion, Runway, & Fitness Modeling.

Q: What do you envision for the future of your modeling career? 

A: I want to be an iconic supermodel. Like Naomi Campbell & Chanel Iman. I also want people to understand that modeling is hard work. You have to be dedicated to the lifestyle. You are your biggest critic and your biggest fan.

Q: What’s one of the best photo shoots you have done? 

A: One of the best shoots I’ve done is with Demetrius Grey (@DemetriusGrey). He’s really easy to work with, and he’s knows how to work his camera! Our finals edits always come out A1. 


Q: As an artist manager, what is the most tasking thing you have to do? 

A: Keeping up with my artists vision, because his mood is always shifty. You never know what’s he’s thinking, so you just have to be prepared for a lot of added and deleted notes. 

Q: What can you tell us about the artist you represent, Elvis Murry? 

A: Elvis Murry is definitely a life changing artist from Broward County. You know the people we grew up to was like Ice Berg & DJ Chipman. The stick & rolling music. Then the music game switched up DRASTICALLY in like 2008 where Wiz Khalifa & Odd Future took over the game. When you listen to Elvis’s music, you get all of that, and some. Because all the artists I just named have like a turn up moment in their music, but also have a more lyrical, and soulful feel. That’s how Elvis sounds. 

Q: Is this the first time you have managed an artist before?

A: This is my first time artist managing, yes.

Q: Aside from your triple threat talents, is there anything else that you do? 

A: Aside from artist management, being a DJ, and modeling, I would probably pursue a career in acting or doing voice overs for movies and cartoons. I’m really good at stuff lik

Q: How do you remain focused with all that you have going for you? 

A: Remaining focus is always remembering not to lose focus. Never let anything get the best of you and always stay humble.

Q: What is one thing that you tell yourself, in order to remain humble/grounded as you grow? 

A: Stay humble. Patience is a virtue.

Q: What would you like your supporters to know? 

A: I love all my supporters! They keep me going! 




Listen to DJ Sunny Fashawn’s latest mix, PLAYBOYSUNNY VOL. 1


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