Meet the man behind it all, Tylan Harris is a young, up and coming designer from Detroit, Michigan who takes pride in creatively expressing himself through his intriguing designs. Victim of Society is a brand he established Spring of 2016, which led to the creation of his first collection titled “Child Prodigy” that launched Spring/Summer 2016. Now, he’s debuting his 2-part AW16 collection “Bullets & Addiction” which encompasses a parallel between dark and muted tones as well as heavyweight fabrics.

Tune into our interview with Harris as he gives us an understanding of how he came up with the name Victim of Society and the explanation behind his debut collection.


Q: What is the meaning behind the name of your line, Victim of Society?

A: Victim is an idea that came to me during the height of over saturation in the fashion industry. Every brand wanted to put out this message revolving around antiestablishment and anti-government ideas. Rather than following that route, I felt the culture as a whole needed to start looking at problems more individually. At the end of the day people are products of their environment, victims of the society they were surrounded by.

Q: Tell me about your latest AW16 collection, “Bullets & Addiction.”

A: So Bullets and Addiction is a story I’m trying to tell of a war veteran who comes home and finds himself “Bulletproof” not being in the midst of battle and danger and thus not feeling the same pain anymore. He wishes to feel pain again as he has found himself comfortable in it so he turns to Addiction, realizing the only thing that can hurt him now is himself. On the outside he must portray himself as strong, powerful, and confident while on the inside, he’s falling apart. I use it as a metaphor for artists of all kinds who draw inspiration from struggle and what they must do to stay relevant when they no longer face that struggle. I tie this into the garments by making the “Bullets” portion of the collection consist of darker tones and heavier gear as if it were armor. On the other side you have “Addiction” consisting of lighter tones and a softer look.

Q: When did you become interested in fashion?

A: I’ve always loved clothes, always. Since maybe the 4th grade. I started making my own clothes in the summer of 2015 and started Victim Studios in April 2016.

Q: Who/What are some of your inspirations when it comes to creating?

A: Design wise, I tend to stay away from taking too much inspiration. But as for designers who have definitely influenced me, I’d say Rhuigi Villasenor, Ryan Knew, Virgil Abloh, Scott West, and Ev Bravado.

Q: Ideally, what would be your ultimate office space?

A: I want a studio in Los Angeles. All white room with some lighting in the walls and black furniture. And of course my favorite artists playing through the room.

Q: Do you feel like music plays a role in your creative process? If so, who are some of your musical muses?

A: Music plays a role in everyone’s creative process I would believe. It can shift your whole energy very quickly which I feel is very important in the creative process. My current playlist consists of a lot of Frank Ocean, Post Malone, Amir Obe, Thouxandband Fauni, and D Savage.

Q: Describe your style in 3 words?

A: High-Fashion Hoodrat.

Q: Where do you see Victim in the next 5 years?

A: Let’s see..I’m 16 now, so I’ll be 21? Hopefully stocked in some high fashion boutiques. Barneys NY, SSense, and Revive MI specifically.

Q: Do you tend to follow trends when it comes to designing new pieces and personally styling yourself?

A: When it comes to designing, no. I tend to jump out so to speak and see what the reaction is. As for personal styling I like a luxury look with streetwear. So I rock chelsea boots, Yves Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, etc. Besides the shoes I’m usually draped in my own clothes.

Q: How would you categorize Victim of Society? 

A: I’m not really sure. Fashion is so relative these days, look at Off-White. Virgil started it as a streetwear brand and worked hard to prove he could combine streetwear elements with luxury. That more of what I’m going for. Quality over quantity.

Q: If you could choose any brand ambassador who would it be?

A: Playboy Carti for sure.

Q: How can supporters keep up with you and purchase products?

A: You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @tyharrisx, the brand Instagram @victimstudios, and shop at Addiction AW16 coming real soon.


**Here’s an exclusive look at Bullets of the Bullets & Addiction AW16 look book.


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