Maryland native and rapper, Innanet James, is rapidly rising in the music industry with his unique wordplay, vivacious music, and his upbeat energy. As a long time fan, I’m glad I had the privilege to interview such an amazing artist.


Q: How long have you been in the music industry?

A: I wouldn’t really say I’m in the music industry, but I have been making music for about four to five years on my own, then I finally decided it was time to start releasing music 


Q: Do you have any musical influences?

A: The biggest influence was Lil Wayne. If it wasn’t for The Drought 3, I don’t know where I’d be. 


Q: Was there any inspiration behind Black and Vice City?

A: People were inspiration for Black. It just felt like we needed something positive, you feel me? For Vice City, I was jus lit!


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

A: Yeah, this crazy project called A Portrait for Free. I’ve been working on it daily and it’s coming out dope, so I’m really excited to share my first project with ya’ll.


Q: Are there any plans to go on tour?

A: Let me stay sneaky about that until it’s all finalized. So, all i’ll say is you’ll see me in a few cities this summer!


Q: What about making music makes you happy?

A: What makes me happy is the fact that I can say whatever I want, the creativity, and how I can say anything in a way nobody has done before. It makes me happy.


Q: What is your creative process for making a song?

A: I don’t know, because I treat every song different. There isn’t one particular way I go about writing a song. It’s just got to feel right and not forced.


Q: Who are some artists that you would like to work with in the future?

A: Michael Christmas, Chance the Rapper, Alex Wiley, Jaden Smith, and Kyle. There’s some dope people out here!


Q: Being from the DMV area, there’s a lot of crazy talent that lives within each area. What’s the biggest challenge you have to face against other talents? I understand it can be intimidating. What sets you apart?

A: I don’t see any challenges. They’re doing what they want and I’m doing what I want. So, it’s not intimidating or anything because I’m focused on me.


Q: What is something you would like to tell your current and prospective fans?

A: Be yourself and don’t let someone tell you you can’t do anything you want to do!


Q: What is your ultimate goal for you, yourself, and your music?

A: I just want to be great, that’s all.


Needless to say, we can expect nothing but great things from Innanet James in the future.


Wednesday at 2PM James released a brand new single called “Summer.” Though summer is long anticipated, the radiant beat, bounce, high energy, and effortless flow, give us the right amount of summer feels.


Check it out now!:


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