Hello, and welcome to Yoko Studios. My name is Ibrahim Seisay. Formalities aren’t my thing; I’m just a young shooter with a passion.

I got started about 5 years ago in 2011 off a casual whim. Photography was something that interested me, but nothing that was serious to me. I started off self-taught, shooting what I could, when I could. 2013 rolled around and I realized this is something I loved, something I can do, something I can center my life around.

Photography became a way of life for me. For the 14′-15′ school year, I joined an actual photography class and met Mrs. Buchanan. She really gave a professional touch to my underground sort of style. She is why Yoko Studios is what it is.

I’d like to thank her as well as the people I consider my family #5180: Aaron, Jayson, David, Reggie, Shawn, Abdul, Adebayo, Justin, and Ant. You guys are my fam. Shout out to Terris, Raven, and Kat for always being down for whatever and ready for any last minute photo shoot. I see the other photographers out there: Matthew, Moleke, Miguel, and Court. THANK YOU TO EVERY SUPPORTER AND NON-BELIEVER. I DO THIS FOR YOU. LET’S SHOOT.”


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awkward. college student. entrepreneur. womanist. radiant. lover of all things. growing, blossoming each moment.

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