Caleb Ortiz, originally from Los Angeles, California, but currently living in Richmond, Virginia, is a twenty-one-year-old rapper/singer, producer, sound engineer and member of Ten Thou Music.

“My parents were always involved in the music with the church I was at, one day I just kinda picked it up. I liked it and people liked hearing me.”


Caleb’s music is modern/futuristic rap and R&B. He’s half mexican, so he switches from Spanish to English often. That’s what makes his music is so unique.

When Caleb first started rapping, no one really believed in him or supported him. That’s why he’s always been his biggest inspiration.

Of course his parents have always supported him. The guys on his label have always pushed him to be better, and he even mentioned one of his homies in his last album because he got him straight and made sure he took everything seriously.

“But I definitely find the inspiration and motivation from within, of course because I believe in God I believe in myself and what I’m doing and that I’ll always be successful.”

Music is everything to Caleb, he literally doesn’t know how he would function without it.

“I gotta make a beat, I gotta write a song, I gotta do something. Like if I don’t, the world just ain’t right. I’ve even heard like in therapy, music has done more for people with mental illnesses than conventional therapy has ever done in its history as a practice. That’s some crazy shit, but like, that makes sense to me. I don’t go to doctors or therapists or even friends or family for my problems… I go to my music.”

He tries to avoid modern music, just because he believes that if you hear what’s going on, it might influence you, and he doesn’t want to sound like anyone else.

He also has the biggest secret love for throwback West Coast music.

“…whether it’s Zapp and Roger with their funk (PS go look them up. Ever heard of 24 Karat Magic by Bruno Mars? Ever heard of autotune? Those guys inspired all of that) or heavy rock like Rage Against the Machine (Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello are just an ungodly combination), or of course legends like NWA or Nate Dogg, like 90s West Coast music and farther back is all full of gems. I like stuff with Latin vibes in it too. Like, Carlos Santana is a fucking genius, and Celia Cruz has one of the coolest voices in music period. I like everything for sure, but like that stuff is my go to.”

His name is Caleb Ortiz, clearly. Very easy to remember. Although, he did have a couple of other names that he’ll allude to.

“Like Soapbox, that was one I really liked. Idk, I just can’t seem to picture myself with a nickname.”


“SHOUTS OUT TO MY GOD FIRST AND FOREMOST, YALL MIGHT THINK IM FUCKING CORNY BUT THAT SHIT IS REAL AND ITS WHAT KEEPS ME MOVING. MY PARENTS, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU FOR BIRTHING GREATNESS. MY HOMIES AT TEN THOU: Chung Fu the mothafuckin LEGEND my right hand honestly dude is so talented, Justice, Jake aka Mr. Cool Sweater, Diego, my homies ZiON and Zaebos with MILFHUNTERS, all the other artists and producers I’ve worked with so far (Jack TP, Rad Win$, JU, Aanyae, Prestxn, Ceo, JOEY A$TRICK$, Quis, Paul Cabbin, and many more to come in the near future)”


For Anything Caleb Ortiz:






” Honestly I think my goal as a rapper isn’t really even to be famous. I just know being famous is what’s gonna help me achieve my real goal, and that’s to change the culture of America. Like, the way I see it, musicians got more power than politicians, athletes, or any other kind of celebrity. Bob Marley talks about love and peace, and now so many people got that kinda wave going because of him. That’s what I wanna do. I wanna stop the human trafficking, the racism, the divide people have. Like I’m hella tired of that shit, it’s gotta go. And once I get big enough I know what I gotta do THEN to make that happen, but until then I’m just tryna get my message heard and hope that somebody rocks with it.”



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