Craig Clinkscales is a 23 year-old visual artist born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland.

He’s always been drawn to art ever since he was a little kid. Craig kept up with his drawing and when he got to high school he took it more seriously. He also makes clothing, and makes hats with his artwork on them.

Craig also is a amateur tattoo artist, 3 years strong. (non-stop)

“After graduating in 2011, I began painting and have been to this day.”

Craig uses many different mediums in his artwork. For his digital art (paint and illustration), he uses acrylic and watercolor paint. On clothing, he also uses acrylic paint, and he uses it on his murals as well (small and large scale work). Whatever the medium may be, he clearly has talent.

“I’m inspired by many modern artist, but also in my friends, family, even strangers…”

Craig’s inspirations come from all types of things around him, it could be anything really. Basically he draws out his inspirations.

“….sometimes words, emotions, body language, even appearances, besides people, the world around me inspires me.”

Craig’s artwork is trippy yet contemporary at the same time. He uses bold images that include bright and intense colors that pop out at you. The color schemes in his artwork reciprocate each other very well in each piece.

“I stick to using my original ideas. I like creating what hasn’t been seen yet.”

You can contact him on any of his social media accounts to keep up with him and buy his artwork or clothing.

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