Destiny Neathery is a 18-year-old prospering artist and aspiring tattoo artist from Dallas, Texas. She also does a small amount of photography but mostly of architecture. Destiny designs custom tattoos for people to go and get professionally done.

“I do a lot of portrait work adding my custom style of lucid, trippy, and spiritual twist.”

She is also a promotional manager and art director for many event and artist collective companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Drawing and creating is something that Destiny has always loved as far back as she can remember.

“I started by playing PlayStation 1 & 2 believe it or not. I used to pause the game and draw what I seen on the TV screen. Jak and Daxter, Sly, Star Wars Battle Front, Crash Bandicoot, etc.”

Her work style came from the influence she had when she had her ego death in October of 2015. An “Ego Death” is a complete loss of your subjective self- identity.

“After my ego death, I developed depersonalization, which really took a toll on my mental health January-May 2016.”

Destiny was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression.

“I couldn’t handle the depersonalization, it was such a burden on everything. Little did I know, I had opened my third eyes or “sacred chakra” as some would say. I started questioning everything, naturally.”

She was thinking about everything even to the smallest details and questioning it. Her mind started to get exhausted from all the thinking she kept doing. Her mind wouldn’t shut down. She started to study Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy which eased all her anxieties and freed her from her depersonalization.

“I found out all my symptoms were because I was on a higher conscious level than the people around me, the hyper awareness made me seem so alive and more conscious than the people around me, everyone seemed like robots. This influenced my artwork a lot, I started to add more color in my work, started to introduce the “third eye” in my work as well, my work became this visual mess.”

She wants the viewer of her work to look at her artwork and think about it. She wants her artwork to be a conundrum to them.

“Thinking is very important, I want them to have their own perception. I want the viewer to question things.”

Neathery plans on finding an apprenticeship to start getting into the amazing craft of Tattooing and knowledge. She also wants to continue to build her portfolio of design and 2D work. Of course she wants to prosper further as an artist. In her future she wants to learn new things such as graphic designing, film and photography.

“I want to educate and help people on their thought process and mind as well, to get them awakened and thinking.”

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