Virginian, Daniel Scott Loving, is a 25-year-old Audio Engineer/Beat Maker/Producer. He has lived all over the state of Virginia including but not limited to Henrico, Hanover and Mechanicsville, and is currently living in Mechanicsville.

He’s also a musician, Daniel plays the piano, drums, bass, & guitar.

It all started when DLP was a guitar player in a Deathcore band his senior year in highschool.

“One day in class, my friend told me she knew a dude downtown that would record my band for cheap & he was “good” so me & the band mates pitched in $20 a person to record, ended up not being cheap like we thought, it was $100 a song, so we just recorded one song.”

They figured that what they experienced sucked, and they were all broke kids in highschool and they never went back to the dude because he was kind of a dick.

“So I was like fuck that imma save up & get my own recording shit & record my band myself..”

Unfortunately, by the time he got the basic things he needed to record a band, his band broke up. So he just started to record his own guitar ideas and that led to him making beats.

“I see my job as a service, like I’m here to help you get your creativity out as best as possible..”

DLP enjoys helping people with their creative process so him and the artist can perfect it and share it with the world.

Beat making and producing is something he does for himself.

“…Making beats, playing guitar, piano, anything like that is to keep my mind right, it helps me with everything, from being sad, depressed, alone, mad, confused, bored, being stoked about something, anything.  I wouldn’t be me without playing some type of music.”

Daniel is inspired by a long list of musicians, including; Korn, Limp Bizkit, old Coldplay, 65 Days of Static, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Kendrick, A Tribe Called Quest, his Mom and Forrest Gump.

He is also inspired by being outside, skateboarding and love.

“Always treat people how you’d like to be treated.”

“S/o @lilgapshawty & @FRLMAG for the write up, appreciate y’all, mad love! S/o to the whole RVA music scene & all my friends in this shit with me!

(I honestly felt a positive vibe writing this!)

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